Japanese girls really wear, even the Japanese can not stand

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Japanese girls really wear, even the Japanese can not stand

2016-07-22 09:31:31 377 ℃

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In the streets of Tokyo, Japan, we can often see girls wearing exaggerated, recent morning intelligence programs zip. Taking advantage of the summer the street interviews. Even if you are in order to participate in activities or wear too much!

Popular & mood

You're wearing too much of the girl survey in the summer.

Like many other parts of the students will take advantage of the holiday go to other cities to play the same, Tokyo in the summer also appeared in many foreign young people, especially like Shibuya, Harajuku, these pop culture gathering, it is impossible to miss ~


Twin Pack


Harajuku girls in bikinis gold

"We Osaka people can not lose to you!"


University of the Arts girls


Modified bathrobe + skirt + colored stockings


Body with the small thing is very cute


One of the aliens?


My sister's back is very eye-catching


Peach red hair + exaggerated round white box Sunglasses

Moderator Tucao: This is entirely alien!


Body of the T shirt is unknown to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Combination of a panda with a laser at the mouth

Altman come quickly! (Hello


This girl is Kylie Miao Miao Pa Pa fan

So often give yourself for some strange and eccentric hair color


The first time to Shibuya female senior high school students


From Saitama to female senior high school students


Dream sweet style dress + angel wings headdress

She calls herself "angel come to shibuya"

Well...... Sister, you are happy to be good WW


But usually did not deliberately dressed high school students

Looks better than it is now.


Gold fish


Claiming to be the two girls of the black goldfish and the red goldfish.

Dress up in a very non mainstream

So they are going to go to the Japanese Bridge

Goldfish Art Exhibition


And what is even more surprising is that

One of the goldfish, ah

One of the 28 year old girl

Already had a daughter in the grade two of the primary school.

Seems to be too high summer vacation

Even the mother can not help but come out to play 23333

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