Elegant, charming, full of fresh and graceful temperament

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Elegant, charming, full of fresh and graceful temperament

2016-07-22 09:36:42 341 ℃

Unique novel collar design is very stylish, collocation with no sleeve models, perfect to reveal delicate elegance of the clavicle, sexy and charming. Irregular skirt position vent design is very unique, hit color design plus, add a bit of sense of fashion.

Loose A word skirt, the upper body comfortable show thin, sexy V collar design, perfect show significantly thin curve of the clavicle, charming and moving. Clothes and cuffs unique embroidery embellishment, full of fresh graceful and charming temperament. With the color of the waves hit the edge, bringing a little personality unique ethnic customs.

Classic V collar, just right to show the delicate and elegant of the clavicle, more sexy and charming. The lace of dress body is delicate and elegant, make clothes whole add a bit more design sense. Paired with the printed short skirt, effective to modify the leg lines, so that the legs are more slender slender.

Small Liling design elegant, simple and generous. Seven quarter chic, behavior between show slender Hao wan. Romantic floral print pattern, sweet and fresh. Unique long design, with the light of the fabric, elegant pendant, add a bit more elegant and generous atmosphere.

Full of visual beauty of the bump printing full skirt, instantly light vision. A word skirt design, showing a more significant thin visual effects. Loose version of the design, wearing a comfortable sense of restraint.


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