And Xian beautiful single product, create urban women and commuter van

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And Xian beautiful single product, create urban women and commuter van

2016-07-22 09:37:50 297 ℃

Small sexy word collar dress, easy to handle, comfortable, breathable and easy to wear and take off. Obvious dividing line design, breaking the skirt of a single sense. Knitted fabric drape, lines, casual dress brings enjoyment.

Handsome small collar shirt, into the unique side placket, button, let somewhat monotonous color clothes, instantly improve the flavor, exudes a unique and charming temperament. Lengthened version of the type, so that you easily wear a taste of the personality

Sweet, pleasant straight tube dress, fade the geometric pattern of full dress, creating a a washing effect, clever to create a tranquil and beautiful. The collar stitching romantic ruffles, echoing the hem, showing the whole elegant fresh breath.

Exudes charm and noble black skirt, dress assembled smart tassel design, multi-layer structure, enrich the overall sense of hierarchy and the law of dynamic, avant-garde and seizes the human eyes. Collocation Elegant White Chiffon shirt, bring nostalgic romance.

Sweet pink pants seven, lines, creating a liberal and dignified temperament. Loose wide leg pants and a unique split design, with the pace of the swing peeped the leg lines and air have more personality.

Gentle pink jacket, beautiful petals lapel, create a retro feeling. Small white buttons arranged placket, wearing convenience and without losing the sense of handsome. Cool Chiffon, a small halter top, comfortable and breathable sunscreen.

Black and gray plaid jacket calm, dignified suit version, gives the overall feeling smooth and clean. The design of a button is just right, delicate and elegant. Whether collocation dress or vest, create urban women and commuter van.

And Xian beautiful pure white dress, slim waist cut, let more curvy figure. The paper-cut art like patterns, with delicate and clear hollow, shows a more gentle lace. Broad hem, greatly enhance the wearing comfort.