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Show BGM list - Walk, Like, a, SUPER, Model

2017-05-19 02:32:32 217 ℃

Different fashion house's creative director who will spend a lot of time in the layout of each big show was arranged from the site to the guests, even to the background music will carefully consider -- both enough and has enough niche, the era of classical significance. So for us, the background music of the show is definitely in the collection of songs list.

Today, Abby summed up some of the latest BGM brands in 2017 winter fashion week. A strong sense of rhythm, it sounds like they have the impulse to go to the table cloth: -P

1 / No.Louis Vuitton

PyramidsFrank Ocean - Channel ORANGE

# Pyramid

By Frank Ocean

The story of Cleopatra's Cleopatra fleeing on the cheetah

Heart beat rhythm and beat

/ /

Set, the, cheetah, on, the, loose.

/ /

# Louis Vuitton 2017 A/W

No. 2 / J.W. Anderson

Some Velvet MorningPrimal Scream; Kate Moss - Evil Heat (Expanded Edition)

By, Pimal, Scream, & Kate Moss

Acid rock

Pull out champagne and bring headphones together, shake

/ /

Phaedra is my name.

/ /

# J.W. Anderson 2017 A/W

No. 3 / Miu Miu

The, Magic, NumberDe, La, Soul, Tribute, Band - A,, Salute, To, De, La, Soul

# The Magic Number

By De La Soul

80s classic hip-pop

3 singers combined about Dream's confession

/ /

Three, that's, the, magic, number.

/ /

# Miu Miu 2017 A/W

No. 4 / Sportmax

Running, Up, That, Hill (A, Deal, With, God), Kate, Bush - Hounds, Of,, Love

Running Up That Hill #

By Kate Bush

Synth-Pop in 80s

Brain waves hit as Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.

/ /

There, is, thunder, in, our, hearts.

/ /

# Sportmax 2017 A/W


In DreamsRoy Orbison - Black & White Night

By Roy Orbison

A classic song of 1963

Like a home song where you sleep peacefully

/ /

I, close, my, eyes, tHen

Drift away into theMagic night.

/ /


No. 6 / Tod's

Tear, You, ApartShe, Wants, Revenge - She, Wants, Revenge

# Tear You Apart

By She Wants Revenge

Gothic, punk and rock

You feel afraid of heat and stir in the dark room

/ /

Got, a, big, plan, his, mind's, set.

/ /

# TOD'S 2017 A/W

No. 7 / Chanel

RadioactivityKraftwerk - Radio Activity

# Radioactivity

By Kraftwerk

/ /

Radioactivity, is, in, the, air, for

You and me

/ /

# Chanel2017 A/W

No. 8 / Christian Dior

GoMoby - Go (Rex, The, Dog, Remix)

# Go (Rex the Dog Remix)

By Moby

# Christian Dior2017 A/W

No. 9 / Prada

# ELLE Et Moi

By Max BerlIn

His fingers, drums and the rustling

Tell the story of "she and me" in lazy French

/ /

Our breaths mingle.

/ /

# Prada2017 A/W

No. 10 / Blumarine

Theme, from, a, Summer, PlacePercy, Faith - Vinyl, Vault, Presents, the, 1950's, Vol.,

By Percy Faith

Maybe it's hidden in dusty tape

# Blumarine 2017 A/W

No. 11 / Stella McCartney

# Faith

By George Michael

The models danced freely on the T platform

Let's sigh about the fall of superstar R.I.P George

/ /

I've gotta have faith.

/ /

# Stella McCartney 2017 A/W

No. 12 / Moschino

Transdance - Night Moves

# Transdance

By Night Moves

Like pride rooted in the bones

A full nocturnal animal

/ /

We steal away

Every chance we would

/ /

# Moschino 2017 A/W

No. 13 / Topshop Unique

# Year Off

By High Places

A young band from Broolyn

Use modern electric sound to discuss the most profound problem at present

/ /

Earth is open up.

/ /

# Topshop Unique2017 A/W

No. 14 / Fendi

Ninna, Nanna, Per, AdulteriEnnio, Morricone - Place,, Beyond, the, Pines (Music, from, the, Motion, Picture)

By Ennio Morricone

# Fendi2017 A/W

No. 15 / Fenty, X, Puma, by, Rihanna

I, Fink, U, FreekyDie, Antwoord - Ten$Ion

By Die Artwoord

Supermodel Rihanna's show

Nature will bring you the most avant-garde music

/ /

I, don't, care, I, love, it.

/ /

# Fenty X Puma 2017 A/W

The furthest distance in the world is probably on the headset, even in a space, wearing a headset after World and a passer-by yibingding different. Show music often has a very strong temperament, and I hope this music list will allow you to put on headphones and become a "walking wind" supermodel.


Music, is, what, felling, sounds, like.

I guess you still want to see it