80 years old girl make-up seconds, old man what experience? "Chinese great master" image design secret

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80 years old girl make-up seconds, old man what experience? "Chinese great master" image design secret

2017-05-20 01:47:57 327 ℃

Girls may have imagined the faces of their 70 - and 80 year old women, but what would they be like if they were old men of the same age? "I think my mother stood opposite me. Don't recognize!" "Chinese masters" third quarter image design competition makeup, as a model of the 19 year old Luo, after watching their final makeup effect, expressed shock!

Make plans before and after make-up

The program group evaluation expert Guo teacher: "old makeup link set, mainly on the players for the understanding of human skeletal muscle structure and professional position, in order to increase the technical difficulty of participating makeup, makeup is specially set up for ' effect; 80 year old &# 39;."

This link to "through time and space" as the theme, requiring players in 1.5 hours, the average 19 year old young girl makeup for the 80 year old old man, so players appraisal cognition on human overall bone structure, and make-up techniques, technical proficiency and aesthetic.

How did you make a girl make up as an old man in such a short time? The contestant advanced stylist said, this requires the usual practice of art, grasp the facial skeleton model, find the skeleton points in the makeup, facial texture and muscle to fall to droop; to create the elderly with age during the formation of skin relaxation effect, and in the processing of eyebrows and on the other must whiten, eyebrows and eyelashes, can stick some fake white hair, prominent man sex, is the glue of the white beard".

In the third quarter of "Chinese great master" image design, in addition to "through time and space" make-up of the elderly link, but also set up T Taiwan style, red carpet modeling and human painting and other aspects. Content setting is from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, every aspect of the make-up, matching and comprehensive ability of the players are not the same degree of assessment. Among them, the body painting is the most difficult one, involving the player's painting skills, the overall structure of the bones, color deployment, the overall shape." The program director said.

"Big" China expert is CCTV financial channel and the Ministry of human resources and social security forces launched a competitive occupation skills show, to promote the new era of the artisan spirit, spread "glorious labor, valuable skills, creating great era of fashion, and help China's bid for the 2021 world skills competition.

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