The most beautiful princess of Dubai has grown up...

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The most beautiful princess of Dubai has grown up...

2017-05-20 01:47:57 462 ℃

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You listen to me, Zhang Chang - singer eleventh

Remember the beautiful little princess Salama (Sheikha Salama) in Dubai? She was born on 1999 in a few years ago online.

Big eyes, long lashes, and iconic buttocks, Chins, and a bloody face.

Put on the counter like doll, healthy brunette, cosmetic contact lenses line born, pink toot lip, simply describe her as pretty as a picture!

The princess and wise man, proficient in English, French, Japanese, or Chinese, are very friendly to Chinese, so, whether external or inward, "Dubai's first beauty title must be her.

Now the 18 year old umm Salma princess, what kind of?

Facial features are still so exquisite, almost nothing much change, but there is no feeling that the princess grew up without childhood lovely, and a little man!

Why? To put it simply, the first point is that when she was a child, she had no beauty, no baby, and a lovely baby face turned into a long face.

The same face, you can refer to Ming brother.

Second because foreigners themselves eyes is very deep, too much hair, and these are male characteristics.

It would be better to comb up your hair.

Therefore, the princess should pay attention to dress up and add more collagen!

But no matter what it is, I believe everyone will continue to like the studious princess who is friendly to china! 484~

After watching her, then look at two Spanish princesses. In May 17th, Sophia, Spain, led her first communion. Although she was wearing a school uniform, she was also beautiful and her blue skirt was very beautiful.

And the sister flower looks like Lili in Cinderella. James.

Lili James.

The manner is equally graceful and dignified.

It's a real princess!

Roar, today to this, I wish you 520 play day!

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