3 fewer flowers no longer tear each other, and all the lovers inside will wear it

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3 fewer flowers no longer tear each other, and all the lovers inside will wear it

2017-05-20 01:48:07 130 ℃
No matter how the times change, the masses will never change to follow. In the show and the airport, the latest TV screen, the most exciting crowd high point to count "flowers and juveniles" in the third quarter.

In this season, the protagonists in the eight young people, and each index is not low: stylish red carpet style inventory in TA on weekdays are the leading role, when you travel in this group and resorted to their usual good clothing products, so it is good to walk like a large fashion in the desert.

In fact, when the program announced the list of guests, many people are a little surprised: "before, not all five" sister "and" two fresh meat "as a male guests combination trip?" This changed Sinan four female are quite old, young and beautiful, is not to create two of CP?

Unexpectedly, the positive broadcast, this group of young people accidentally get along with each other, walking into a group, there is no contradiction, although the rapid birth of friendship in confined environment, but nothing difficult to run each other.

Especially the interaction between male and female guests, completely different and everyone expected CP pink bubble, "price" has become a new daily. With your good student and a bunch of friends in the same pressure, each tongue, but understanding and care is nothing missing.

The reason why we get along well with each other has no ambiguity. The reason may lie in the fact that several of our guests are in the process of transportation. Some have been open contacts for several years, although there is no high-profile admit, but eat people, including Gualu fans all know he have.

Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, who did not acknowledge it, were tacitly told.

A lot of fans knew that Zhang had a less revealing tattoo on his right ankle, and Tang Yixin had a left ankle.

Although two people did not openly interactive, but in Zhang Ruoyun's micro-blog found the "she" memorandum, from that year to now, and Tang Yixin is corresponding.

The outside world is hearsay, Tang Yixin reason why the name changed from the original into it, but also to enjoy the same radical and Zhang Ruoyun. This Mensao affection revealed, reminiscent of the song "the only need the soulstirring when available, your name and my surname, the achievements of this story".

The "flower less" in the opening of the program on the guests were photographed residence, Zhang's family compound courtyard house has become the envy of many people.

Many new sisters heard that two people are in love had not declared confidential, go to the Tang Yixin micro-blog "spy on", can be in front of her self, see the familiar background.

The surface with no box, but they were more than in the private one was photographed.

In April this year, two people were photographed with the tour of Japan, micro-blog at that time Yixin Tang, happiness is coming.

When two people came back from Japan, they left at the airport, but the unanimous choice of blue and white vertical shirts quietly revealed two people's consistent vision and taste.

When more relaxed, two people will quietly zhuangshan. You say this is a full outfit, or girlfriend stole her boyfriend's coat?

In the default, "carry on", like Zhang Ruoyun's gratitude in obscure words, "when I say" follow me ", you follow me, be careful, two people become a group."

In addition to this, the real two people participated in the "spend less" is the nuozha and Zhang Han. In August 2015 the rock kiss photos, let two people each with some controversy, but also made a public affair.

In fact, before this, two people have been going steady for a year, with each other, respectively, had lost their families suffering and works by deliberate misinterpretation of the trough, with nuozha's words are often encourage each other, complain together cry together". After that, two people who were still in the ascendant in their career development chose to fight separately.

Nuozha became the darling of the fashion industry, watching the show, brand activities took turns, almost did not stop.

Zhang Han slowly walked from the stage to the back of the curtain, not only opened the studio as the boss, but also tried to start the producer.

At present, two people can develop each other steadily, and it is difficult for them to get along well with each other. More difficult is the appearance, these two people are wide shoulders, big legs, hangers figure more people lamented that the world is unfair.

Tall figure of two people wear lovers outfit is also logical. Whether it is the same with a plaid or sweater, knitted coat, their wardrobe seems to share.

Whether it's sweet or not is not entirely about whether or not to express love in a variety of ways.

I wear the same clothes as you, how far apart can I feel your mark around me.

At the seaside and nuozha painting on show love, send the dog food and Jing Bairan. Before departure, Ni Ni suddenly appeared in the camera, and in front of the camera did not shy of a kiss, the screen before the fans were heartbroken.

Remember a few years ago, two people are still in good posture, buddy haha show friendship, a mutual friend like loss.

If not two paparazzi simultaneously attack, photographed two cohabitation pictures, probably all people are still worried about Jing Bairan's love affair.

Two people all these years are set to go fast, outstanding performance in large circles and the hearts of the brand.

Jing Bairan was the eternal Prince of melancholy and melancholy. He wore a shirt and did not lose the freshness of the big boy.

Ni Ni is the famous red carpet war, "always rise, always bright red lips.

Publicity, sexy, is in other people's eyes Ni Ni constant personality tags.

But when the two men from the friendship wipe out the fire when it became obedient rare. Love melts.

So they do not love much after the same block diagram, mostly from passers-by candid handwriting. Just a photo, two eyebrows stretch, wearing the same frequency, simply dressed feelings.

Two people's wardrobe, has also been estimated to have joined the ranks.

Valentine's day this year, Ni sun self timer, in accordance with non high-profile routine or single appearance.

But Netizens found out that Ni Ni wasn't wearing the sweater Jing Bairan was wearing 3 years ago

After Jing Bairan airport modeling, and because the pink turtleneck stripe was ridicule, "Ni Ni is wearing the wrong clothes?"

They managed to open the box with the appearance of a mold set out in style and will let you awaken, love is the two seemingly different point people become far apart from each other, keep step with.

In addition to the "derivative" spend less in couples, the men and women the same paragraph or simply mixed wear trend, and in fact this is not only a couple in love will do, there is big to wear men's coats of female stars of the early fashion trend. Fan Bingbing and Yang Mi, two generations of traffic queen, are among the models.

Never dare to wear a Wu Yifan, also in 2015 to try to look enchanting red lace blouse, makeup of small Ye handsome facial features and clothes together, and not like him ferial pull tone.

As women love with loose sweater now to emphasize their slender physique,

Men try to print their bodies and challenge themselves, without losing half of their hormones.

Use your view of my clothes, not be broken, but know after transposition.

Just like the previous men and women into fashion shop, we separately go after each other to choose their satisfaction with the clothes, but in each other's eyes will always get a "you how is this some kind of" home "and that what is the difference between" evaluation. Why don't you go shopping with your hand and endorse it with love, and pick the clothes that I'm satisfied with?

I.T. recently gave birth to the idea that couples would be able to hang out together and be happy and fit.

With this theme, as if your first thought is tide brandSUPERCOMMA BThe style of walking is neutral and athletic.

Here, the boys sports clothes no longer adhere to a single profile of black and white, and also did not collapse as ordinary a soft crisp. Girl powder and mint green are also important options. Oversize's style dilutes the pink color of the color, creating a little hip hop.

As usual, T-shirt also Hoodie and Han Feng, is a loose and comfortable style, colors of black and white ash although low-key, but did not like the general pattern and cut men's stiff rigid, girls can also try.

The line between men's and women's clothing is only a creative difference here. The same with a single product, as long as the girl exposed slender wrist, within the long line at the waist Wai system, in line with the shape of the girls.

If you think it's too style of movement, as if the king would recommend another brandANDERSSON BELL. It's the Nordic wind. But it's lookbook, you have made for single dogs in advance by the crit ten thousand times, because the catalog is the same paragraph different couples dress collocation show.

This stamp windbreaker also, girls can use it to create a wind with a skirt, capable handsome boys; you can use ordinary white jeans and tee to go casual style.

Tee in the way to wear, but also pay attention to, even if you use the same necklace and belt, but women's clothing can be tee into the waist, to create a slim effect, with loose men wear naturally pulled out of the difference.

Even the popular big sweater, girls can also take the fold skirt with white shoe in sweater, to outline his gentle breath. The boys in the sweater with pants with slender leg, and a youth sunshine.

It will soon be 520, and many lovers must be ready for the day. They will be full of flowers and kisses on the day. They will also introduce all the big hotels and shopping malls in the city.

I.T, of course, understands your high profile and is eager to join you in your joy. Click [read], I.T WeChat, background reply "520", you can get I.T for a special coupon you send the value of 520 yuan, to May 21st three days to the I.T shop in May 19th, is on the basis of price over 1800 yuan to minus 520 yuan.

When we are in love, we always like to mark each other's own, not only faint jealousy, need to show sovereignty, but also in order to let each other always think of himself. Accessories such as shoes, bags, and so on, in fact, clothing is more. Rather than suppress small small interest in each other's personality, his own set into mass culture unlined upper garment to kill your characters, rather than openly communicate with each other, together to explore the more fresh "we".

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