"Ode to joy" 2 ugly dress style? That's what you didn't see. It was really nice!

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"Ode to joy" 2 ugly dress style? That's what you didn't see. It was really nice!

2017-05-20 01:48:18 284 ℃

So, the question comes, 22 floor five beautiful in the end is not offended stylist?!

Search for a platoon of Tucao styling. Andy Qu Xiao Xiao hair is old and ugly also does not have the spirit. Song Xiao Xiao is indeed a lot of clothes. May also be the gold master father too out~ to take up Andy Sifu Liu Tao became the best clothes to see people. However, the hair style is really too bad.

It's all in the front, Andy, the first two episodes have a lot of things for most people to wear.

This is Andy's favorite clothes for E during her vacation. She dresses very small. AliceOlivia jacket price is very reasonable.

This pajamas, E sister also like, but the price is not beautiful, but domestic can buy. From Tory Burch, tropical plant prints are so exciting, pajamas are so high.

While looking at the beauty of the parcel, Andy's hat and skirt succeeded in attracting me.

Straw hat is Eugenia Kim, E sister had written it before, interested can poke here. How much do you know about the pose a physical artifact beauty | hat and sunscreen face this manifest for you?

Long skirts are Balmain, but not so flashy, but very small and fresh.

Coarse lace conjoined wide leg pants is by age weapon, color is also very important, blue summer worth a try. This wide leg pants are Sportmax's. they can be collected if you like.

When Andy came back, his jeans were a bit of a fashion! In a very advanced manner, young girls can easily ride it.

Shirt: Delpozc

Coat: Sacai pre-fall

Shoes: Alaia

Package: Fendi

Suitcase: Louis Vuitton

Before I saw some netizens say Andy this set like street goods, please you have some common sense. Where is the material for this kind of cloth? The coat is Prada, and the tailoring and workmanship are in place. Inside the shirt is Carolina Herrere, a strong sense of shape. The scarf on the clothes button, bright eyes of the people are to LV! The suits come from Alexander McQueen, and the pants have always been good.

This looks at first glance like Chanel, but actually not, Chanel is not so tough, this is Alxander McQueen, the style is very obvious. But also took a dead expensive expensive Delvaux Bag ~!

This is like Liu Tao's own pajamas, but honestly not very good-looking, a little rustic feel, but can see the material is really good. After all, the best in the silk pajamas, La Perla~

You should wear MOSCHINO, and E sister went back and looked at it several times. This dress is so nice and the letters are too fashionable!

Four out of shampoo but each one has its own merits even shut off, the coat is a little funky. But now look good on this coat, with Joe Xiwai hin in a completely different style. Are you going to see the movie the joy will be full of leg ring powder!

Fan Shengmei:

Coat: MaxMara

Package: Saint Laurent


Fur coat: Louis Vuitton

Dress: Lanvin

Saint Laurent

Package: Chanel



Later, it turned out to be a shocking shock. After all, Joe is a pretty girl.

There are upcoming Deng Lun classmates, who set a rock boy...... But the novel is a policeman. After all, the TV play is different from the novel. I don't know what the spark would be like.

In this play, Fan Shengmei feels that the dress level is high and low. It seems that there is no difference between the following, but I have to say that this cloak is so beautiful. Feel like people are a bit out now, poor after all all right back Saint Laurent Loewe and the child is not much.

Song Xiao Xiao this drama style clothes are too old, although not for the big line, but is really ugly. In addition to many of the Dior three lattice, Lv small box and put the bag leopard is really ugly. And a more ugly Chloe, you guys, feel it.

White fur is LV's.. I can't forgive E for more song Xiao Xiao clothes brand, most are too earth, there is a single set of soil, some are soil.

Jacquemus is all right. Do not know whether Wang Ziwen offended stylist, and collocation of shoes is no one, it seems so short......

Givenchy dress reluctantly is good-looking, but also very practical soil, the wavelet E sister seen good-looking really is too small to wear.

MaxMara fur more suitable for her age and character set, but the blue light pants really understands incompetent. E sister really didn't know what the stylist was doing...... The last Andy and the song fairy look good. Where's cry's hair?