Cannes is not the most frightening China net red, Japan's first flower wrinkled but the left ps!

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Cannes is not the most frightening China net red, Japan's first flower wrinkled but the left ps!

2017-05-20 01:48:31 244 ℃

Cannes Film Festival this year, thanks to Fan Ye, the red carpet on the stars of every move, I Chinese people are twelve points of attention...

Not admit that once when the blanket Star Fan Ye judges this year, other is a 360 degree change ~ off the robe, nor as flower fairies, short hair and elegant dress to her beauty show some low-key.

Although the female star is the focus of the red carpet, but this time another actor in Cannes, but had to mention, that is Takuya Kimura

In those days, Takuya Kimura was a popular teenager, and this year's new film "infinite residence" for Cannes's "lost man" will also be shown in non competition units

The Asian male god of a red carpet, he pose funny it attracted many reporters took him

Although 45 year old Kimura in the same age actor, Yan count high, looking at is also manly, but to tell the truth, the director did not recognize the beginning of thick, who is this?

After all, once the million Japanese fans, now the style became long lead a fast

Before the wooden village to put it in the present, are properly appropriate flower beauty, Yan value spike, now a vote of small fresh meat WOW (here can lick ~)!

The features are exquisite and with an aggressive charm

Looks very Japanese characteristics, not typical tough guy, wind is not feminine, although looks very slim, but there is no lack of aggression

In fact, Kimura's temperament has entirely benefited from the beauty of his top beauty. The combination of facial features and contours can complement each other. It can not be said to be perfect everywhere, but it looks very "delicious""

The director first talks about the face, Kimura's long face, which looks more juvenile than the square face of a mature male, and his narrow chin highlights this

Although the narrow chin will bring a feminine feeling, but Kimura's face a lot of small edges, side view of cheekbones is also prominent, such cheekbones with the lower jaw will appear masculineSmall edges and corners in the end can increase men's taste? With a chestnut, Ke's face and jaw are similar to the wooden village, but it always gives the impression of a little boy, while the angular Kimura's temperament is between man and boy

Next, come to talk about his eyebrows, Kimura belongs to the narrow eyes, and eyebrows spacing is relatively short, so the eyes have own attack feeling, it seems not so wide as doubleeyelid Niang, and single eyelids are more than God

Long type eyebrow, but also let Kimura more like a cartoon out of the flower pretty man

Kimura's nose is greater than the width of the eyes, a nose nose length, nose of meat, the area occupied by the larger, more in line with our definition of the masculine nose, people feel more rough

Anyway, Takuya Kimura's face summed up just one sentence

360 degrees, all look good!

Koko, seahorses and sober up, this time the director will Po a CF, Ariza mud adorable heart ~

Hey, even the top male gods can not escape the fate of the old yo yo!

That old, who can deny that people age can truly write on the face, the face changes with age of 30 thousand points, these points include the eyes on the edge, and nasolabial groove and other parts, each point will affect your face

As people grow older, the person's face begins to "go down"",Sagging skin, ptosis of the upper eyelid, resulting in smaller eyes,The width of the nose increases with the distance between the mouth and nose, and the lips become thinner

Like this serious aging symptoms, in addition to pay attention to the usual maintenance, want to return to the young state, but also can use some surgical means

People like Kimura, who are older than 40, have more wrinkles, and have more flabby skin than those who are prone to skin surgery

The operation is also known as pull operationFacial liftingIt is to relax the facial skin, lift it back, remove the excess skin, and tighten the deep fascia at the same time, so that the wrinkles are flattened and hidden

The incision in the hairline multiselect, ear or ear after the shelter, facial scar

Nitrogen, the director believes that pull skin surgery is only applicable to people with severe aging symptoms, becauseDone with facial expression loss (usually 15 to 20%),Of course, when you don't make big facial expressions, you can't see them clearly, but when you are near, you will have a distinct feeling. For example, the eyebrows become flying brows, the eyes are elongated, and the mouth will widen

SO... If the nose wants to do facial lifting and firming, it's recommended to try

Germagi (female star's small secret - wrinkle, dissolve fat, all round hot Maggie ~ [popular science])

Ultrasonic knife (tens of thousands of pieces of ultrasonic knife, in the end is the big head or really effective? [popularization of Science]

Catgut embedding lifting (Youth freeze frame) 4D catgut embedding? A lift? Don't be dizzy, face lifting is just like the old three

In other words, Takuya Kimura Yan value decline, netizens also expressed heartache...

Some people say he's old so fast, just because he really likes surfing. (downstairs, Guo Jingfei, we need a good chat!)

Refer to refer to

Takuya Kimura has been interested in becoming a professional surfer since he became hooked on surfing in 1995

He had given himself 3 months' vacation, during which time he devoted himself to surfing and went to the United States to get a professional surfing license, and Kimura met his wife Shizuka Kudo because of surfing

As everyone knows, the strong ultraviolet rays on the beach can be regarded as the biggest enemy of the skin!

Ultraviolet radiation from the sea can produce chemical reactions in the skin tissue / cellsFree radicalFree radicals are highly energy oxidizing agents that oxidize proteins in tissue cells and make them lose their biological activity

In fact, recently it is not just let people be startled at Takuya Kimura, and Asian sexy Diva Ayumi Hamasaki became the half moon!

When she saw the photos at the goddess concert, the director couldn't believe her eyes...

What about sexy ladies? Goddess, are you swollen?

The director sees some crashes now. I hope Ayumi Hamasaki is fat and has fun too...

But to tell the truth, they are people, can not always maintain the glamorous appearance, the face may not always be fixed in more than 20 years, so we still don't too strict on their health, happiness is most important.

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