Who would have thought the girls had put on IKEA woven bags?

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Who would have thought the girls had put on IKEA woven bags?

2017-05-20 01:48:58 93 ℃

To put it plainly, IKEA is a big supermarket. In everyday life, you won't connect it with the word "fashion" at any rate. But"IKEA fashion"Still an unstoppable explosion -"The fuse is a four piece 50 Fen woven bag.


Let's start from scratch

For fashion brands, quarterly releases are the most talked about event. The so - called "IKEA craze" comes from...Balenciaga(Balenciaga) spring 2017 new leather bags.

Price: 2145 U.S. dollars

As a veteran of the fashion brand, Balenciaga announced this package with pure Lamb Leather, leather for the origin of the kingdom of Italy, using the fresh color (blue, yellow) and double bag design, you can also carry on. What's more, this package is huge and UnisexIn short, how to see how the cattle force on the right.

There are two colors in all

But people's eyes are sharp,To be honest, is this package a reference to IKEA's woven bag design?.

10 Fen same..

Although from color to design almost all in line, but materials and brands are still different. Lamb skin resistance exercise, you will not be back to the farms with cabbage balenciaga.

2145 dollars VS $0.9 (domestic IKEA 4.5 yuan)

The difference of more than 2000 times

In fact, this is not the first time the "rub Balenciaga bags" hot. Last year's fashion week, their "Bazar" package has been plagued by tucao.

Foreigners do not know how to think, but people see this flower stripe design, will certainly think of the Spring Festival, crowded train:

Incidentally, the creative director of the fashion show Balenciaga season is the same person -- Demna Gvasalia:

Backstage, Gvasalia, dressed in IKEA staff

But IKEA seems to have no opinion, and said in an interview, and the big Zhuangshan is their "honor".Then more occasion to launch an ad film(is it official IKEA? We're not sure.):

How to identify a genuine IKEA woven bag?:

1, shake, and if "quack" rings, that's true;

2, giant IKEA, woven bags from bricks to a dog, not even water can give you linzou;

3, super dirt, even if the genuine IKEA bags thrown in the mud stirring, rinse with water is the same with the new;

4, very cheap, priced as long as 9 Mao, 9, as long as 9 hair 9.

"I can't afford to buy a balenciaga"

So far, all around the Tucao big name design, until the rub hot young brands PLEASURES and ChinatownMarket made aIKEA cap-

Brand: PLEASURES & ChinatownMarket

Season: Spring / summer 2017

Material: Er... IKEA woven bags

Design Description: sister think, IKEA bags can also become a quarter wave of products, now we put together this 99 cent thing made a deconstruction and reorganization, 38 yuan cap, which is more than 2000 sheep bag cheaper.

Of course, since it is rubbing hot spots, you have to have a model, and this hat also according to the gourd painting gourd, made four advantages:

1, wear one, and if there is no wrinkles, it is fake;

2, in addition to the giant, put it to the head, from the goose to move bricks, and even water can give you linzou;

3, super dirt, even if the genuine IKEA knit hat throw mud stir up, rinse with water with a kind of new;

4, very cheap, as long as 38

Well, it's funny. This kind of airtight hat is said to be sold well

Be exhausted

But for ordinary people, 38 knives, close to two hundred soft sister coins price is still a little difficult to accept, after all, raw materials are 4 5......

Don't worry, the new storm has appeared,

Then it was art's turn:


Underwear & accessories

Pack & shoes

There are also some designers mixed in, for example, commonly known as "Speed Trainer Balenciaga socks shoes are made of this", also known as IKEA bags Goods are available in all varieties. 4 characteristics:

Ins, the Chinese designer who likes to pull shoes and make masks, has also made a IKEA woven bag mask, and has gone to Beijing IKEA:

Woven bag Jun, never thought this life can be so love fashion. Now, do you think it's just a $4.5 cheap shopping bag?


We note that this is the eggYou

See no point, praise is foul rogue

You mad poke the reading of the text, to love sister stores have fun!