Ty manual flower - grid patterned shawls summer

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Ty manual flower - grid patterned shawls summer

2016-07-22 09:50:31 302 ℃

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In early July and friends about the parent-child swim in Xiamen, one day I freely said a sentence, we want to hook a shawl to take pictures. The result is get a unanimous response, but the money to my to find. Le, I come to, then leave less than 10 days, time is pressing, to find the money, of course, to find simple nice you can crash, of course, have for the summer. In my collection turned over to turn over and find out a few, Lily and I first this article, the reason is very simple, so many grid ah, must be fast ah, although there are parquet, but the flowers is not difficult to hook, time should be enough time.

Lily first, change the version, I do, or according to the original bar

Taking into account that we want to go to the beach to take pictures, especially longer, that is, to increase the number of rows. Parquet also more Jiduo, anyway, this section is a trapezoid, through the grid number of braids of adjusting the width, length to think how to increase on how to increase. At the same time the variegated modal line, cool draping, feel more suitable for summer.

Imagination is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel, Xiamen a few days, we encountered a typhoon before the high temperature exposure, after the typhoon and heavy rain, so, with a belt, a photo did not shoot, ha ha. But our friends together to discuss with the hook, this process is very pleasant. Look forward to continue together next time.

The special love these parquet, simple grid, with them, suddenly lively

Hot days, not much toss, the reality show a simple shoot a few, summer air conditioning room in Phi Phi is still very practical. Can also go out when the sun.

Line: mengjiangna wool house modal 1, amount is unknown, an estimated 3 to about two now

Needle: Hiroshima 3/0 (2.2MM)

Size is not too good, anyway, to fall on the body to fall long.

Weaving description:

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Length according to the two-dimensional code plus attention