Slim version of youth dress, smart yet feminine!

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Slim version of youth dress, smart yet feminine!

2016-07-22 09:54:11 332 ℃

Elegant dress, from the waist naturally spread, comfort with upper body straight feeling soft, elegant, smart yet feminine.

People dress up and feel the youth, the version is very slim and elegant all-match, wear very thin.

Pleated elements are elements will not be outdated ha Strapless narrow design beautiful and sexy clavicle exposed shoulders

The waist strap design, lotus leaf design very suitable for chest small chest girl oh A version of the design was thin and high be just perfect.

Small fresh sweet temperament, lovely relaxed leisure, visual cover and waist and thigh belly fat.

T-shirt design, comfortable concise, fresh art, vintage floral design, more refreshing, permeated with elegant woman.

Waist striped shirt dress, highlighting women's curves, the waist is elastic design Oh, more show compact waist, exposing women beautiful posture

The whole dress becomes alive and vibrant. Clever and handsome, showing the girl like pure playful.


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