Don't go too far in the pursuit of fashion, so as not to go out as a joke by others!

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Don't go too far in the pursuit of fashion, so as not to go out as a joke by others!

2016-07-22 10:02:06 397 ℃

Girls in the clothing has always been the pursuit of fashion, but sometimes too much to chase the trend will wear does not meet their own, looks particularly wonderful and ugly

The pursuit of a hole in the jeans do not want to wear it to go out like this, underwear are exposed to look particularly vulgar, I really do not know what to think before going out

This white short sleeved shirt collocation stripes on a wide leg pants should be no problem, the focus is to buy clothes must choose suitable for their own, or seemed particularly strange

Beauty, you come out on the street with a underwear on the go? Plus shorts collocation fishnet stockings, oh this is really like a country non mainstream

Beauty you this lace short skirt with purple stockings, you do not think it is still in order to attract the public's attention, then you are successful

Wear these can be very stylish and not embarrassed

This printed dress, above the classical pattern design looks particularly elegant, with a pair of high heels is very elegant and generous

This piece of skirt looks particularly attractive skirt, it will be able to seize the people's realization, the design of the dress can be very significant

This piece of blue and white checked shirt skirt, it is simply a magic weapon to reduce age, wearing a very small fresh and cool, very suitable for summer

This white jumpsuit, simple cutting makes look very neat. Midriff design seems to be a small woman's unique sexy, very sexy

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