Pox skin muscle mad, uneven surface than the moon to support a moonlight muscle?

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Pox skin muscle mad, uneven surface than the moon to support a moonlight muscle?

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A man spends all his time working on the job.

After that there must be a lot of people to accompany him to sleep.

A woman to eat money in the face

Then there must be a lot of people invited her to dinner.

The | durian packet editing | fish

Visible the importance of women's face ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What highlight ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is the durian bag to and you saidGirls skin - acne enemy.

The water oil balance, vacation, stay up late, get angry:Zhangdou

A wave of the wave of the long pox wave in the struggle.

In the face of rampant acne.

I want to my beautiful greasy WeChat fans escort.

Down down down down down

Acne the most simple and crude way and the effect is extremely obvious

Beauty camera in hand, my mother will not worry about my beauty

Of course, we can't live in a lie, because your beauty is real.

Ready, I began to put a big acne.

I'm not acne muscle, before never Zhangdou, Goodfellas enter media industry simply stay up late boil to cry, embarked on a long pox journey. In addition, I am mixed oily, more easy to Zhang pox. My personal long pox is the beginning of the summer of 12 years, until now still occasionally take out a few red seeds. It's really good to be here, there's no flat on his face. But there will be India, half are not to fall. I'm in a hurry. To see a medicine in tune, with pure lavender and tea essential oil little effect, even to the really can not think of a way simply Poguanposhuai what skin care products do not have. But found no skin care products that face dry too uncomfortable. Anyway, all kinds of ways I tried again, still no better. A friend finished recording the father go to where the second season when back to me with the tea tree gel. From then on, I began to website import acne gel or cosmeceutical creams products and scouring the sea back. Today took my new achievements to share with everyone.

Gel ointment series

Thursday plantation tea tree anti acne gel

Origin: Australia

Last summer, crazy chin Changdou, then all kinds of mining acne products found the gel. This contains 20% tea tree oil, has the effect of regeneration and soothing, but also anti-inflammatory. Microdermabrasion artifact comparable to Meitu Xiu Xiu. The next day will be basically eliminated, a closed can rub the acne. 4 - 2 weeks can significantly improve the condition of the skin. Refreshing texture, gel coated acne, cool the supernatant. And once I have a long neck fat tablets, take this wipe a actually good, mainly the price is also cheap ~ ~


Origin: Australia

Australia this very popular cosmetic tube of ointment. General in the Australian skin clinic doctors are this. The speed of smallpox is faster than tea. The texture is complete, do not rub mud did not taste. The acne is divided into 2.5%, 5% and 10% three points. 2.5% for mild acne, 5% for moderate to severe acne, 10% is the Savior of the face. She can inhibit the recurrence of acne and repair acne, just painted a little dry, itching. That's when it started. The price is also beautiful, a 50g can be used for a long time Oh ~

Essence series

MARIO BADESCU anti acne cream

Origin: United States

This can be said to be the star king acne circles, artifact like existence. Up and down, separated from oil powder. Calamine ingredients can soothe the skin and acne essence due to the imbalance of oil. This has a strong version and a mild version. I'm starting with a mild type. The strength is big remove acne, gently remove small acne is closed like. Now I basically do not Zhangdou, but there is still a closed comedo. So choose a mild version. Remember, this usage is not! Don't shake! Don't shake! Directly coated with a cotton swab dipped in the face of the powder. Safe and effective, and can be used during pregnancy.


Origin: Japan

Takami skin conditioning muscle bottom liquid. This can be removed from the closed, this is the nature of the conditioning, so the effect is certainly not good as fast anti acne cream. With 2 weeks, the skin is a lot of slippage, and sometimes forget their own president of the pox this thing. This touch and SK2 fairy water almost, fresh lubrication, there will be a layer of water wrapped around the feeling. After cleansing, use the conditioning solution for 3 minutes, and then start the daily skin care. Even if it is a veteran of the skin will bring you surprise.


Maddie Huier Clinie Tea Mask

Origin: South Korea

Clinie mask is the replenishment strong into the skin care market. Think of injection moisturizing mask, Clinie is the first choice of many people. This tea tree mask is a mask that will be used before and after my aunt's face. I'm going to have aunt pox anyway. But we all know do not deliberately go to war pox aunt to buy anti acne cream or anti acne cream what. This tea anti acne mask effect is good, have a calming effect and pores. Deposited on the face is very comfortable. I am a sensitive muscle, and sometimes a little bit of allergy. Other skin care products are disabled, but the mask will still be used, but also to ease the allergic skin. Too much praise!!! Friendship to remind everybody, buy skin care products in Korea must pay attention to the purchase channels, friends to go back to Korea and I exchange buy buy buy experience, South Korea's Lotte duty free shop floor, a mask skin care products almost all other manufacturers in selling. If there is a problem after the purchase, the purchase is not responsible for the claims. Be sure to choose the right channel to buy, oh, can not be destroyed for the sake of cheap.

The beauty of fine muscle medicinal Green Tea Acne Mask

Origin: Japan

This is a box of 5, this is the essence of the essence of the essence of the essence of the essence of the smallest, but also the most refreshing, but also is the need for acne skin refreshing. Green Tea anti-inflammatory anti acne ingredients, vitamin C can dispel acne India whitening ingredients, bamboo acid detoxification essence. It's just a fighter in the flesh. It for repeated stubborn acne, mature skin in the U area, T area of acne, the oil inside the dry acne, my aunt, and so on, this mask can be a good suppression. Every night with second days to feel like a lot of soft acne. Come and give you the red acne to appease it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Toner series

Esthe Dew aloe acne water

Origin: Japan

This can be used to cool the skin, acne serious when the water film to use. Aloe vera leaf extract, oil control anti overflow, increase the skin antibacterial anti-inflammatory. Hamamelis enhance skin metabolism, anti allergy soothing, with good water holding capacity. Tocopherol, antioxidant and moisturizing, two glycyrrhizic acid A, suitable for allergic skin, a back red swelling healing. Taste is very light, not to stimulate non greasy, but also very suitable for the summer. Can effectively control and inhibit the growth of acne.

Albio healthy water is unstable in the state of skin, itching and redness of the acne, closed appeared in the face when the effect is particularly evident. Remember to wet compress, this effect will be. Although the feeling wet deposited a little distressed, but only the state of the face will reach the best. This is absolutely the Saviour of acne. Long pox began to apply, the second day will be back red swelling. And the sensitive muscle red blood, healthy water can play a stabilizing role. It really feels like helping the skin to adjust and repair itself, and to adjust the skin to a healthy and stable state.

Of course, acne is the need for a process. Long acne will go out in public was not confident, perhaps you are new but have a very important date, how to break?

It doesn't matter, even if there are acne, but also to the United States out of the sky. So to recommend several good breathable finish products here. Because it is not fully restored, so it is very important to cover the defect. If Concealer effect is not good and you want to cover the acne, it may be you need in the face painted many layers, skin not only air and powder is too thick will think long cubes of zombie face.

UP FOR EVER Full Cover MAKE Concealer

For not yet completely healed purple or dark red pock pock

Make up the multi effect modification Concealer cream, it contains components of anti inflammation, repair skin allantoin, long acne when the make-up products, acne will not deteriorate, the focus is this powerful concealer and lasting waterproof, durable, breathable. I don't have to worry about your acne is not completely healed because makeup work not completed.

Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Kevyn

For acne scar and surrounding skin is slightly.

AUCOIN KEVYN, this is a lot of Hollywood make-up artist will take this as a cover for the use of the. This cover is relatively strong, and after the makeup is very natural, almost does not appear the phenomenon of skin explosion. Mixed dry skin, easy to 8 hours of makeup, makeup before must be moist, with a sponge push more natural Futie, Concealer first-class, freckles, acne, dark circles basically invisible, daytime may feel a sense of makeup emphasis, night is just right. Remember the makeup on a loose powder, makeup and this will cover more lasting effect.

CPB blemish cream

For acne recovery after the dark pox scars

Concealer CPB is very convenient to carry, makeup magic. SPF25 to withstand a variety of attacks UV. This is cover Concealer properties slightly dry, more suitable for mixed skin, but not stem words will shine, in contrast the degree of moisture is acceptable before, and do a good job moisturizing nor card powder. A trace of the face. And makeup lasting, but when you buy it must be based on their own skin, pay attention to the choice of color number.

Look down is not also think that acne is not so terrible? In your new career, what weapons you use quite handy? Also to share with you ~.

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