Girl? Michelle Chen Taipei mothering feast was Rainie Yang to grab the limelight?

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Girl? Michelle Chen Taipei mothering feast was Rainie Yang to grab the limelight?

2016-07-22 10:07:21 1430 ℃

Chen Xiao Michelle Chen couple mothering feast held in Taipei, Chen Xiaoshen wearing a black suit, Michelle Chen golden dress exposed breast. However, users in the blessing of Michelle Chen at the same time, "Tucao" a lot of her dress, said really, leisure entertainment Jun also feel that the clothes do not look good. (but it looks better on you, happiness is not the most beautiful woman?)

Look at the comments...... Many netizens say feeling Rainie Yang dress is more beautiful than the bride, and the maid of honor Gillian may little robbed the limelight of the bride.

Beijing before the wedding, leisure entertainment Jun is a doubt: that Rainie why not to be a bridesmaid and did not attend the dinner party in Beijing. Later thought, she is likely to participate in Taipei's banquet.

Sure enough, Michelle Chen Rainie Yang attended the reception banquet. However, see Rainie this score is almost hit nine points in his match, leisure entertainment Jun said: Rainie Yang, you really is chenyanxi good girlfriends??

Bra tassel Waist Wide Leg Pants, and the bride's dress color is quite close to. This thin show high color collocation temperament is a special face round neck short arm in order to highlight what big Michelle Chen???

As there are friends Tiffany Hsu, Terri Kwan, Ady Ann and so on, their dress is also very beautiful, but always do not have a feeling of pressure over the bride's limelight, how to say, is feeling better.

Ady Ann this white skirt really no effort at all ah, all rely on their own values and temperament holding yan. (I don't think that's what you think.Really, bestieHa ha ha ha)

Not to Bowie said the "mother", although the valuable meter wear very gentle and nice, but this dress is indeed very low-key.

Claire, this dress is also covered by the cover, not stunning, but not ugly.

So, look at the feast of the female stars, who is girl, who is really - bestie a glance. Oh, or Michelle Chen didn't choose the dress. However, the day of great rejoicing, and why to care about these, as long as the happy romantic ah......