Pedicel skirt, as beautiful as you!

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Pedicel skirt, as beautiful as you!

2016-07-22 10:18:02 357 ℃

A pedicel of imagination

Bits and pieces of summer flowers skirt has quenching than anti let us feel the colorful world of good, today we see a tender flower needs green leaves with the mystery, today we focus on pedicel, come take a look at it!

Word collar printing coat /SLY 598 yuan

Mosaic denim skirt / Yurakucho

Orange floral bralet /MOUSSY598 yuan

Bellbottom /MANGO499 yuan

Filled with various vivid color of summer, like let girls opened a grand party of flowers, only need to do is, let us if the flowers, or beautiful bloom, or is in bud.

Pedicel /MERCURYDUO white dress

Pedicel embroidery skirt /me Couture

Vivi recommended



Regular blue

Cool feeling


5500 yen



Recommended product: FRAY I.D blue flowers in line with the surface, fresh and natural

Printed Dress

RADIANCE BE 13000 yen

Sandals E6900; /R& yen

Witty and clever but beautiful flowers, flowers with green leaves of course need. Yes, in the background of the flowers, the flowers can be regarded as perfect, a solitary flower, it is too lonely.

Vivi recommended


Black anthocaulus series

Pedicel pale skirt /FRAY

I. D new products not priced.

Flower dress

Emmi new products not priced


Pedicel red skirt

Pedicel red skirt /snidel

New products not priced.

I plant botical floral D& G garden art

Sexy index of package hip skirt

Japanese flower laminated Chiffon Dress

Floral skirt /Re:EDIT 2961 yen

Yellow skirt (pedicel attached belt)

Studio alivier pool 10800 yen

Bright yellow, high degree of saturation against the background, will make people not aware of the sun is shining, the most important is that the super oh!



White Flower Embroidered yellow bag hip skirt



Large swing printed long skirt /MOUSSY798

Pedicel long yellow skirt, like the whole people light color!

Vivi recommended


Pedicel yellow Chiffon

Coat /8400 yen

Skirt /8400 yen

Belong to LUMINE snidel

Shinjuku 2 stores)

Yellow flower stalks


Pedicel Brown collocation

Natural harmony


Light color

The pale blue dress.

Skirt Co.; /titty& NEW

Goods not priced.

Flowers with the flow line of the petiole, this is a pure natural means of expression, so that the nature of the breath more pure revealed.

Equipped with the American rule VGIRLS pleated skirt dress up



Printed chiffon dress


23760 yen



A classmate of beauty

Fresh flowers

Gain by contrast

The pale blue mosaic pedicel Tulle dress /snidel16000 yen,

Shopping time don't light is absorbed and see the flowers, and keep an eye on the stems and leaves, the mysteries of nature things Aioi, whether it is flowers and flower, stem and leaf are combined to match in together in order to have a more colorful, the infinite mystery of nature, flowers gorgeous colorful, the summer day, you can't miss it!

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