Men this thing, from 17 to 70 there is no essential difference between?

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Men this thing, from 17 to 70 there is no essential difference between?

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Gurney Lew, Spencer Dave and MacDonald Dan

largeEyes have a set of fallacies, such as the growth of life as a "sober" process. Just like completely drunken was born, will only cry, no memory, no independent consciousness, can not stand. Slowly began to wake up, can crawl forward, and then to stand. Can say one or two words to complete sentences, still no clear memory......

The famous Cobra (1963)

When you have a complete sense of autonomy, memory clear, smooth language communication, can be responsible for their actions, the life of the "wine" will wake up almost the same. There is no essential difference between 70 and 17 for a man who is born to be an angel. Why is a man born to be an angel? Angel with wings, so erratic, after failing to find their other half that before the so-called emotional home, just like an angel flying like floating. Has not been found, will float for a lifetime. Have a family, have family, can not be gone.

Most men in different age stages of the appearance of a huge difference, although this is only a superficial. What little meat, child molester, general thestomach, the mediterranean...... Are under the influence of the environment, lack of self-control. Internal force (self-control) strong man, from 17 to 70 years of change is only the most white hair and wrinkles on the face, such asWang Shisuch asWang Yi.

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