Easily out of feminine temperament beauties!

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Easily out of feminine temperament beauties!

2016-07-22 10:26:01 356 ℃

Light is the bright color is enough to make you move! Fashion T-shirts, random patterns of splicing, kind and fashionable profile, decorated with a beauty Xinzi, wide legged pants collocation, show legs are thin long Oh!Especially like skin pink, feeling very temperament, and wide leg pants match worn together, duly completed aristocratic temperament.

Stitching Chiffon sleeve shirt, grid design, revealed a sexy woman temperament, seven points wide leg pants collocation, color is good, elegant atmosphere, the goddess fan full!

Wide pine pine wide leg pants, random decent bow belt, tie-in white coat is fresh and sweet, travel so wear comfortable atmosphere.

A color T-shirt, green seems to be more fresh, a same color wide leg pants collocation, instantly turned little Lolita, pastoral flavor of the United States and the United States.

Fresh, sweet floral shirt, fly sleeve design and fresh and cool, white high waisted wide leg pants collocation, do not look carefully thought is to wear a skirt, such collocation summer wear really in a comfortable but the.

Temperament Joker chiffon shirt, simple atmospheric design, leisure wide leg pants collocation, the upper part of the body cover the meat and has a special fan, the overall look of leisure atmosphere, especially van son

Makes the heart of the obvious thin vertical stripes suit, with a cool and comfortable wide leg pants, such as the classic style of the atmosphere, fashion is always the pursuit of the trend of elements.

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