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They occupy their wishlists perennial sweet potato

2016-07-22 10:32:55 374 ℃

Fancy things, now under the single bar! Anyway, sooner or later to buy than to buy, use them.

[Japan] zero shine all day

SOFINA Sophie Na oil control porcelain effect of sunscreen isolation makeup before the milk control version of the PA++ 25ml SPF25

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $98

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Sofina popular in Asia sales ace and completely for the large oil fields to create a makeup before the milk, enough day shine is Tucao to immediately change their! Make-up before it hit a bottom, color clear bright, small sweet potato said it is moist degree of super good, face thin air, not to the skin bring any burden, even boil until the afternoon still fresh Shuang Ching, truly zero shine. No matter is the follow-up to the makeup or lazy woman only cover a layer of powder, even makeup out others also boast good skin!

[the United States, a plate in the hands of the world I have]

DECAY URBAN decline city Naked 12 color eye shadow palette 3 Pink 1.3g*12

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $358

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Decay Naked Urban eye shadow has more fire, the United States and the United States, the main artifact of the god. Sweet potato said that "almost every makeup girl has a plate of tin box", are not exaggerated. Naked 3 is "warm red line plate, 12 color match up just right, the Pearl with Matt. Every color has his own name. "Like pink brown soft feeling of the younger sister paper do not miss, oh, it is more suitable for asians." Shadow on the pressure very real, "silty fine, work energetically skin floating powder is not serious, also can not afford to fly", "what occasions are not wrong and will make the eyes become more profound", "color is bare, suitable for novice beauty", eye shadow painted eyes "no eye rendering can be a color, even brought to do eyebrow is also very suitable for oh and" ultra durable, super high frequency of use still not bottomed out ", is simply" a plate in the hand, I have in the world! "

[South Korea set a full set of do not love]

BBIA last five Lipstick Matte lipstick velvet suit

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $228

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BBIA is South Korea's parity trend make-up brand, pony God are recommended, the price even one-third of the Mac, "just got this lipstick, it is amazing to, grind arenaceous shell not only color, texture, and packaging are tall feeling!" Lipstick is matte surface makeup feeling, color saturation is also very good, white skin, although matte but lip coating is not dry. 04# red bean paste color is known as Armani 501 parity instead of color Oh, good strength, natural and elegant, a can deal with all kinds of daily occasions, chocolate makeup feels dye in the wood. 05# color is the legendary aunt color, it can be said is the parity of Givenchy lambskin instead of color Oh, lightly coated layer is thin raspberry very suitable for fall and winter, if the thickness of coating is the Queen's feel!. 2 generation green tube is a Velvet Matte texture, 07# is necessary for a color, pink coral is not wrong color, full of vitality, thin coated with carrot color feeling, thick coating is pure coral pink. 08# is Estee Lauder 420 cousin color the parity alternative, is deep red bean paste, significant temperament and white, "red bean paste than sense, so don't pick the skin, daily smear temperament is very, very gentle." Hot brick red in #9. "See color test makeup Bo main brick # red # lipstick, of BBIA No. 9 appreciated with, immediately start!" 5 lipstick lip color for a week before a big Xpress, lipstick price, simply complete the set is not distressed.

South Korea Gianna Jun same paragraph

IOPE also Bo whitening cover blemish moisturizing air cushion N21 cream BB run white 2016 NEW

15g+ dress to replace the core of 15g

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $199

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A star you fire the whole of the goddess, more let the air IOPE BB to become universal love, exquisite and moist silty to create the perfect makeup bare no pressure, a step done prevent bask in, brighten, whitening, concealer, moisturizing, lazy sweet potato are super for the morning, you can feel relieved to sleep half an hour! C21 ivory white, suitable for Asian MM, N series is the moisturizing type, can create the perfect flawless white skin!

[France] unlimited repurchase

Laura Mercier foundation 29g Laura Mercier

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $228

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After using Laura Mercier powder know how good this thing, DIOR what can be installed on. Fine silty, word of mouth, matte makeup effect cannot be more gentle! Brush up after being asked, how do you su Yan skin is so good is a common thing. Small sweet potato said, is the star of the unlimited buy back products"!

France 36 hours to die or not to take off the makeup

Givenchy Libre Loose Powder Givenchy Prisme 4 In 1 Harmony

Four grids version 02 12g conventional powder

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $328

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And 5 times than the general powder, feather lithe! Interwined with 4 color mousse mix the soft color, soft coke optical create fog face soft yarn effect, seems to be on the cover of the halo of Notre Dame, pure and transparent to let people move not to open eyes. The oil is greatly improved, 36 hours to maintain perfect makeup. Small sweet potato said, "love it matte makeup, very clean, all day without makeup!" 2 main colors for the natural color is beige, or to build a small nude make-up sweet potato, than other color concealer.

[Korea] morerelax makeup puff rice cake

VANT36.5 Shuiguang bright air powder CC cream 21 bright white 15g white water fountain

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VANT is from South Korea "niche, luxury light, without adding make-up brand, especially this CC cream, in Korea is very red yo ~ embody the frigidity of packaging is a high cold, CC cream containing green tea extract, super sense of the water is simply to catch up with the big, any skin can use Oh, full of water embellish more than let the skin looks shiny and full, as if to drink enough water, a long time can not Tuozhuang. Puff is very special, is known as "the rice puff", because its touch special like rice cakes, soft waxy waxy, let CC cream on face more docile, melt into the skin, overthrowing all sense of violation, seems born natural Shuiguang muscle 21of light beige suitable for fair skinned sweet potato.

France, charming skin white

Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE SATIN RADIANCE Laurent pure lipstick / Lip Balm

36 L GENDE e 3.8g CORAIL

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $238

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The beauty of the super sweet potato, how can not a Saint Laurent square? It is beautiful moist endless love ah ~ Bling Bling fan shell Golden Queen again with the slightest breath lady. Super good color, strong hiding power, even if the moisture level to be nothing difficult, rendering without fear of lip wrinkles the card. Classic but even domestic are perennial stock ~#36 coral orange pink, pink and tender women, "color is daily, white complexion, infinite tenderness", "particularly suitable for sunny days spread out to cut male" ~

[Japan] baby pink build muscle

Koh Gen Do Gangwon SPF50+ PA++++ sunscreen powder / baby powder 10g

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $158

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No matter how perfect morning makeup, after noon there is a little flower makeup, makeup is not in place is this result. Gangwon baby powder powder pink, like its name to create a baby pink muscle effect. "! Girl heart still endure!" With micro flash but matte makeup effect, "indeed face a matte brighten, although is pink but very weak point is not too much, the whole face with very mention complexion, immediately changing porcelain doll with wood, makeup super clean ah!" "With good friends did not use puff! Brushed my cheek and I feel like I'm pregnant! Soft silky well!" Super sun value PA++++ SPF50+, no pressure in the summer! Sensitive skin irritation that is very low, baby powder and any color are super fit, but also make the skin more transparent.

[Japan sensitive muscle dedicated]

Freeplus Freeplus lipstick powder 8g

The Little Red Book Welfare price: $98

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The skin sensitive muscle are cautious, careful and cautious, not to mention the makeup. Who said that sensitive muscle cannot of beauty makeup? Fried Fang designed for sensitive muscle building, 6 species and Han plant components interact and balance nursing sensitive delicate skin, nicotinic acid B stable horny layer, so that the skin is not so easy to sensitive. Silty fine, aloe vera developed super skin, not stuffy pox also oil control, perfect hold all day". A super natural fusion, provided bright complexion, "the pores are not so obvious"

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