Dumplings Michelle Chen was so beautiful face your hair is really important.

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Dumplings Michelle Chen was so beautiful face your hair is really important.

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If the two Chen Dahun recently made headlines

Wake up early in the morning is super marysue amazing wedding!

I think this is the dream of all girls

First have the perfect handsome boyfriend


And then have Marysu's wedding, let him become his own husband


And under the priest's blessing.

With each other to promise exchange solemn vows and pledges to white

Think about all good romantic happy ah!


Michelle Chen looked at Chen Xiao's eyes will understand

Why all people say this is the most loved one in the history of the entertainment circle


Happiness is the interpretation of true love.

Is the interpretation of the truth with a deep love of the wedding

Michelle Chen Chen Xiaohe is a brother and sister

Chen Xiao chose to marry her at the very age of red!

To prove that love the girls face

Michelle Chen's nickname is dumplings, round face girl feeling very

But her face is too typical

In limine...

In those years, we were chasing the girl "great red Michelle Chen

At that time, she is not beautiful, just some boorish

Long hair wore a very taste in the village

This hairstyle is in principle suitable for a round face, but less sense of modification

Accurately, the lack of a sense of fashion

Later the stylist realized this.

Based on the straight hair in doing some fluffy roll process

After a little adjustment, Michelle Chen's steamed stuffed bun face is no longer bloated

Full of collagen so that she appears to be more of a little girl

So the middle of the need to do fluffy roll processing

Especially the bangs and hair curl, should be modified according to their own conditions

Chen Xiao once said that Michelle Chen was a woman.

Small series can only say that this hairstyle itself can enhance the charm of a woman

Liu Haineng modified face scattered lines, curly hair and the whole face is very small

Although a lot of girls is a round face

But because of the irregular let the face is swollen

So the LOB can be a great help.

At the same time face girls hairstyle is best shoulder

Heaviness can support moonfaced

The tail part must be a big wave.

Because the face is the most taboo all ruin the image of hair

If you have to go straight, then refer to Michelle Chen this hairstyle bar

The first 37 side bangs cover half the face

A modified perfect soft line sense

Another is the hair do other treatment of high curvature

The same can make a small face

Although the two photos hairstyle is not the same

But the gas field is absolutely win before modeling!

At the same time reflect the color must be selected for their own color

Michelle Chen this stain on the vulgar is a failure

Moonfaced schoolgirl must first be dark, light will not touch!

Including round hair should also pay attention to

With low tail must be released on both sides of the bangs.

Otherwise, the overall look is too bald

At the same time also face the embarrassment of two bangs modified (no lines)

This side bangs on a little more than a few crisp taste

But the image of each person is different, the effect is different!

In addition if the image is not sweet enough not to try a pony tail

Finally has the wood to have found that actually firm up is also quite good??

The key is also easy...

Finally put a piece of love to abuse you!

Want to harvest the rich handsome from changing hair style

Moonfaced schoolgirl love luck has been very good oh