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From 60AA to 100J in the UK, so to buy underwear | dry cargo

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But I think I will not buy underwear in Europe, after Zoe's science, feeling his eyes shining, bright.

From childhood notebook cover printing, to adulthood Fashao bifurcation, girls seems to have been entangled in straight guys seems trivial no odd small details, small to a hairpin shape, to dress pattern.

When the Victoria's Secret openly tell big straight show Zhao in the world, the girls in front of the TV also mood.according aiming at a glance the underwear to see is not enough delicacy.

The female students who are about to go to Britain, are afraid to worry about when they packed their bags. That woman can be more than 42 breasts, I like this A, B cup, to how to do?

Don't worry, you think you are short of.

In fact, which we now wear underwear can be said to be imported, the ancient Chinese is not tight bra underwear, to the 80s of 20th century, a gradual increase in people's understanding of the corset, women began to put forward the request to the shaping function.

Modern western style of underwear can be selected varieties are more than China, so do not think out of the country on the only buy suitable for European and American underwear".

And even can be said that European underwear in the design there are many color choices, Zoe in pick clothes is big color control, even wear in inside can only enjoy themselves also to the United States and the United States.

In addition, the UK's underwear size is more humane, taking into account the different size of the people and the development ofSizes from 100J - 60AA(scared baby, feel J cup can be used directly to pocket ass......). Compared to the majority of the domestic 70A is the smallest size, in the UK to buy underwear for girls to provide more and more appropriate choice.

Common style of underwear

Up bras PushThat is to gather the effect of underwear, relatively thick, but appears busty stand. "House of cards" in the first quarter, Zoe wore push up bra to seduce Francis, want to get the Madden's news first-hand information can be seen in the chest pushed underwear effect much attention.

Bra Plunge: low milk, underwear, suitable for matching with the deep V collar clothes. Is not suitable for daily, but consider to occasionally go to the party, party, grand performances occasions, sister or at least a for a rainy day.

Cup bra FullFull cup, this may be many big chest China girl will buy style. With similar and Three-quarter cup bra (3 / 4 cup), this is probably the Chinese girls are most familiar with the styles, package is good, wear a sense of security.

Bra Balconette: a half cup, this is more like Zoe styles, but also because of the similar spelling balcony balcony, Zoe's heart has been quietly said it is "balcony underwear". Balconette bust line is horizontal, suitable to wear low cut, make the chest convex looks beautiful.

Bra StraplessA suit: strapless, sling or bra wearing coat;

Bra Triangle: Triangle underwear, the underwear are generally tulle and lace making, very thin, translucent material, both girls and romantic style, but only suitable in small populations.

Bra SportsIf you are: sports underwear, fitness enthusiasts, Zoe was suggested to make a detour to the sporting goods store. Ordinary underwear shop although also have the choice of sports underwear, but ultimately not professional sports brand, after all, in is own, how to maintain or on your own. Here Shock Absorb, like Nike, Adidas, looks nice, but the general effect of damping.

The brand of underwear that Britain can buy

Said so much, it should give us the popularity of the UK can buy underwear brand. Although the Victoria's Secret shine on the screen, but Zoe shopped several times for Victoria's secret stores but can't pick out even a, their design is not one of my favorite style bar, but rather when visiting other brands encounter a good few "repo funds."

So, do have a broad vision:

Summers 1.Ann

British local brands, the price is close to the people. I believe a lot of friends who know this brand, every time to shop, in addition to a variety of lace lace colorful underwear, the most attractive eye is estimated that more than the depths of the store's sexy underwear and gender supplies.

Yes, this is the main appeal of the underwear brand,Bold design and graphic displayAnd even if it's just the daily use of underwear styles almost everything are dotted with bow, lace, lace and so on the small details of provocative.

If you want to give your boyfriend a surprise on Valentine's day, please feel free to ask the assistant for the most attractive style.

Avenue 2.Boux

British brand, style biased feminine sense of sweet romance. In addition to underwear, BA also has pajamas, swimsuit, home slippers, etc., in addition to feminine style, the cartoon cotton pajamas are there.

Find Zoe and friends when shopping, there are still a lot of woman does not love such as fancy lace style, butRelatively stable preferenceWell, look at the BA.

Senza 3.La

The Canadian brand, the price is close to the people, and often has the discount activity.Design positioning neither Ann summers like that of the straight investment good. Also unlike Boux Avenue in the female choice, but a compromise two pros and cons, coupled with the lovely price, is also very popular brand to see, not only captured the mature, but also left a young girl.


Christmas one year, taking into account the perhaps will occasion dresscode, specifically on the official website to purchase a wonderbra, although it was not used, but the feeling of the bra is good, although it is no rims of various type, but put on after the sense of security is full, no slip of the concerns.

Later, only to know its flagship product isComfortable and flexible and helping women shape the perfect chest, the design has also applied for a patent. In short, you can find all kinds of underwear with a variety of clothing, the price is higher than the top three brands, but you deserve to have.


Provocateur 6.Agent

This brand is the British Fashion Queen VivienneWestwood's son, Reese Joseph and his wife SerenaReese co founded, is London sexy sexy lingerie brand.

Everything seems to say, "I'm super sexy."!" Is simply HD no chip XX, single window and the official website of the HD plot can let a person fondle admiringly, but the price is also quite considerable. Please ~ ang nouveau riche

As a color control, Zoe hope own things are somewhat yen value.

Although the underwear in addition to what practical use (anti sagging ah, prevent nipples, etc.), most often let a person think of the is to give the other half visual rewards. But always feel that the idea is not too straight cancer, in fact, as the natural beauty of the girl who, from the bottom of my heart like these small objects has the function of beauty.

Thousands and thousands of brand underwear, Zoe only by their own experience introduced a 12! In case readers greatly is the ace of the underwear industry, please remember to hit Zoe's face!

Those who do not know how to buy underwear in the UK, the girls paper, please refer to the reference, we hope to bring the actual use.

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