The mix of wind personality recommendation, all-match people do not pick oh!

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The mix of wind personality recommendation, all-match people do not pick oh!

2016-07-22 10:40:01 330 ℃

1 a word does not have a high temperature, really is a minute hot into a dog's rhythm ah! This ice cream color shirt is recommended to you! Fresh color is very suitable for hot weather! Relaxed version of comfort without a sense of restraint! One side of the chest with a cloth bag, shoulder sleeve design, the former short after the length of the style, with the board! Even more wonderful is to wear when the sun shirt yo ~ recommended!

2 - love the good match of the two suits. And I like very lazy but also very smug BB are recommended you this ~ T-shirt and skirt collocation almost can not go wrong! Of course is also occasionally need to be earned back rate of Da ~ coat is a simple letter T, comfortable fabric is very close to the skin ~ is concise wild styles, a separate match other models is also OK!3. Summer enjoyable single product is pure T simple and generous, with it is no pressure! At the neck of hollow design, fashionable personality so that the overall look is no longer monotonous! Straight tube version, do not pick the body! Comfortable fabric, soft and soft, simply can not kiss the skin! Recommended ~

4 - to me, is the summer wear comfortable ~ this time to bring this really is my recent favorite ~ like TA is not no reason yo ~ thread surface quality, good elasticity and super soft ~ really is put on to off the rhythm of ah! Loose version, and show thin fan without reason ~ solid no superfluous decoration, simple upper body is very stylish!

5. You must know how hot you are wearing this year! GET a I love to you striped short sleeved is classic, but inevitably wear much fatigued! To play out of the point of the new tricks to choose this is not wrong yo ~ inside is a striped T-shirt, they are alone with a completely OK it ~ the fabric is really a variety of skin soft! A loose solid small sling, summer fresh look starts a strong push!

6. Loose casual fashion look, letters Vest + even the cap of the sleeve shirt + half length skirt three sets! A set of upper body fashion leisure, tie-in white shoes can be relaxed fashion street ~ V even cap coat collocation letter vest, fashionable and stylish ~ elastic waist long skirts, easy to put on and take off ~ side vents design, casual and easy walking! Three pieces with fashion beautiful, do not pick the person's recommended to you!

7, usually very much like this simple style straight version of the style, the atmosphere and no body limit! The material thickness is moderate, not hot in the summer! White edging design, the overall look is more fashionable! When tie dress waist formal, casual wear open! Casual mix can be very significant temperament! Asymmetric double breasted water, full of personality! Recommended ~

8 - very sense of design of a dress false two piece style, no significant monotonous ~ classic Crewneck, beautiful and engaging ~ vertical stripe pattern, simple, not easy to outdated! Outer layer of openwork LACE VEST splicing ~ Sweet delicate and played a very good decorative effect back invisible zipper cardigan, easy to wear off. Recommended ~


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