Lin Chiling appeared in South Korea Inchon airport, wearing a Beanie Maxivista you fun fashion

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Lin Chiling appeared in South Korea Inchon airport, wearing a Beanie Maxivista you fun fashion

2016-07-22 10:45:13 471 ℃

If must be listed for the summer, both practical and for whole collocation adds the finishing touch of a single product, the fisherman cap in the top.Fisherman hat(Hat Bucket) from80,90 time to startBecauseThe popularity of Hop Hip culturePlus a lot ofStar and rapper wearOne of the most famous and popular, is the SamuelL. Jackson LL Cool with J, can be said as they define general. Another hip-hop group - DMC Run, is one of the representatives of the people.

In fisherman hat is popular in recent years, all kinds of brand new has its shadow, magazines for the brand shot specials less embellishment of the fisherman hat, and even the usual main baseball cap ofEra NewThe ostentatious palm trees and gaudy tropical color printed fullHawaii style fisherman hatOn.

Fisherman hat so red is not without reason, fishermanCap of moderate heightAddLoose the brimLet most people wear them all.ModificationFaceEffect. Whether your face is square, round, long or flat, absolutely can find the most suitable for their own hat type, even in theAsiaAlsoAcceptance is very highA section of.

As Chinese actress in the "zero figure" of the representativeLin ChilingComing out of South Korea's Incheon Airport, DIA Chi Ling, head wear fisherman hat, wearing a navy blue windbreaker, low-key Beige peas foot shoes and there is no lack of fashion sense, and Zambia.

Xun ZhouDressed in Black Wide Leg Pants, long knitted sweater, a fisherman's hat, a low-key appearance in the capital airport.

Supermodel Cara DIWA Yi (Cara Delevingne)Take a walk on the street does not forget the fisherman's hat, simple white shirt with casual pants look tidal flavor.

A Miss's show wisdomWith a deep red fisherman hat, sexy and sweet

Look, look, even our lovelyOscarAll with the fisherman's hat, you can not come to a!


South Korean fashion offset fisherman hat

Very cool fisherman hat, three colors, very vibrant red, blue charm, black very wild ~ there is always a yes for you ~

Reference price: $16<1Two3>


Small black and white flowers all-match fisherman hat

Yes, maybe you have a poor fisherman hat Dress ~ the small flowers of the fisherman hat, fresh and natural, all-match single product!

Reference price: $18<12Three>


Han Guosen female retro lattice fisherman hat

This fisherman's cap is relatively sweet, with some of the more subtle, the forest of female clothes, especially the fan children ~ and it is very obvious.

Reference price: $18.81


Sweet red hat

Sweet and lovely, print lips, material quality, novel styles, many fashion Daren recommend, black and white two colors, very good match clothes, suitable for summer wear ~

Reference price: $22


Retro embroidered cat fisherman hat

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this cat embroidery fisherman hat is really too heartwater, color, Elsinochrome A is, and patterns are so cute is simply little girls love it ~

Reference price: $22.23


South Korean embroidery fisherman hat

Super dream fisherman hat, wear up a very age oh! And very obvious skin white and tender ~ suitable for the lovely girl.

Reference price: $24


Day series of the original wind fruit series fisherman hat

Cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, spring, summer, autumn, summer and autumn can be worn in the summer, wearing a sun, easy to carry, ready to fold into the bag in a good ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ three

Reference price: $25


South Korean cloth stripe hat

Red small fisherman hat, immediately reminiscent of the little red riding hood! Full of fun, suitable for small girls wear Oh, very cute.

Reference price: $26


Snoopy cartoon fisherman hat

This hat is not very cute, Snoopy pattern above Meng Meng, even to buy do not wear, put in the home also looked comfortable Oh ~ ~ ~

Reference price: $28


South Korean fashion refers to the fisherman hat

Super cute fisherman hat, delicate embroidery, black-and-white, super good-looking ~ in a design pattern is very bold, you dare to wear out? ~

Reference price: $28


South Korean letter hat

Simple splicing style canvas hat, it is simple and no exaggeration! Very good with clothes, summer can not only shade, or in the summer, one of the single product.

Reference price: $28


South Korean embroidery and hip hop fisherman hatVery handsome hip-hop style of the fisherman's hat, men and women are suitable, you can wear a ticket with your men.

Reference price: $34


Love pills, striped Beanie

Fresh campus style striped fisherman hat, round edge design. Wear on the head full of playful!

Reference price: $35


Sweet floral hat

When I saw this floral fisherman hat, is not very beautiful, walk on the road there are always people who could not help but look ~ ~ oh

Reference price: $45


Small fresh flower sun shading cap

The fresh sense of the fisherman hat, Korean fashion, portable fashion, can be folded into the package, and is suitable for daily travel.

Reference price: $45


Cloud factory, Renaissance casual hat

It is a simple fisherman hat, the color is very fresh! And very white ~ wear on the feeling of good.

Reference price: $58


Japanese embroidery fisherman hat

Very literary and artistic a fisherman hat, hat has Japanese embroidery, is not very fashionable? There are black and white two colors! It is all-match ~ ~ ~

Reference price: $58.31


Korean all-match smiling sun hat

To see the smiling face will be in a good mood, wearing a smile hat! Every day there are good things happen.

Reference price: $68.80


Dollar fashion fisherman hat

Small bacteria that the hat brim was yo, and hat full of $logo, put on it is always a very headstrong feeling, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~

Reference price: $88


Beijing street fisherman hat

Fashion people are like a fisherman hat Oh, no matter what style of clothes are very suitable to wear it, the hat is really the best of the dotted

Reference price: $88

Little bacteria like Xia Tianda very much.

Because the sun is full of magic

As long as the weather is sunny

The mood will be a sense of good oh

But then again

Summer is also very easy to become black

Don't worry fisherman hat to save it

20 strong Amway, take a look at itThis article from the original closing of the gift shop, buy micro signal Hui Jun HMJun356, reprinted annotated