Reduce the age of classic wear, two single product is enough.

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Reduce the age of classic wear, two single product is enough.

2016-07-22 10:53:20 592 ℃

When meet the shirt skirt, the collision of youth a whole summer bud! Shirt clean and fresh, short skirts of the youth, such a combination of people instantly reduced age ten years old but will not appear naive, but more playful and cute and full of vitality!


First of all, let's think about the principle of reducing the age of the shirt + skirt!Because most of the world's high school students in the middle school girls wear ah!

SoA short skirt with a shirt, the most able to build the feeling of youth, and can show thin legs, a second back to the school age!

Fashion blogger Helena Boden (Helena Bordon), red classic plaid skirt collocation shirts "

Even a supermodel Taylor, wearing a miniskirt is thick girl breath blowing, a beautiful pair of legs. 3

The smile is Qingcheng "conference at the scene, angelababy body Institute wind shirt, knee length skirt with a pair of Mary Jane high-heeled shoes, the absolute beauty both visual sense ah ~

Black has always been a mature sexy wind appeared on the combination of shirt + short skirt, immediately let people think of the "Girl Queen" in the S Gossip.

High heels + pleated skirt in immediately let you become sexy and elegant.

Retro Print Shirt, brown hand bag, British style ready capital

It is the correct way to open a high heel shoe to wear a shirt with a printed skirt.

The choice of pattern must abandon the complicated printing, simple and fresh is the right way

The ball head and white shoes, bag hip skirt can be full of vitality

Even if the return to the most original professional dress, shirt + short skirt combination, also can let you play with the flowers.

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