After the beginning of autumn street, there are fairies!

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After the beginning of autumn street, there are fairies!

2017-08-12 22:57:02 255 ℃

Today is a street shooting 385th days

I borrow Xie Chunhua

From a street


After the beginning of autumn, the weather is not so hot before, every time the rain, always feel cool again, it seems that autumn footsteps gently walk

I think time flies, suddenly from summer to autumn, but we really experienced the hottest dog days, perhaps it is because of this hot, we look forward to the autumn especially

Today, the street has a taste of autumn, but also full of fairies Oh ~ not to say, look directly!

The younger sister paper face really beautiful fried, so brother hesitate to choose this picture with combination vest + denim shorts, you must be familiar with, want to avoid monotony, the absolute plus sister paper bag

Those with cartoon elements dress always give a person a kind of fairy tale feeling, autumn seems to require such a feeling to make up of the fantastic imagination

The white boys t+ suit pants + white shoe formula like outfit, and do not make mistakes, the girl is dressed in a printing and Pleated Dress stitching, a lazy and confident attitude, in her body seemed to be able to see the early autumn scenery slowly to

The gray and dark blue collocation, wear is not boring, design, at the edge of a lotus leaf at the bottom is enough to break the boring enough surprises.

Long black baggy pants and shirt collar V printing not only point collocation, does not interfere with the coat color, and even a little more graceful and dignified temperament

The sling + wide leg pants, short sleeve shirt and skirt collocation, can make a simple style out of sense, is the best presentation of female temperament

The beige chiffon shirt collocation and lotus color high waist pants, black heels is a small woman's taste

The characteristics of retro style dresses is the use of a large number of lace, spinning, flounces, ribbons, bows, multi-level cake cutting, crease, pleat and other elements to create rich palace here, and these have nothing to do, just want a romantic season

The chest has cherry white printing T and denim skirt collocation is next door sister fresh, collocation heels have no sense of affectation, and this smile brother must give out.

The silk and linen mix, into the fashion design in retro color material, do not need too bright, simple and generous enough

The simple happiness, monotonous color can also be used to make up for the accessories, bags, shoes, a small ornament, can also color


Occupation: Graduates


DIDDI Local Mansion C-Doll | | vest dress shoes | Tiffany Bracelet

The whole look is with the largest fresh natural color - green vest and attractive metal bare silk skirt collocation, each passing will be a landscape in the eyes of others

Zhanjie, I'm serious

Your point is my power