Zhao Liying for the new style in advertising, this time, Bao Ying, Yang Yinglve beauty better than

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Zhao Liying for the new style in advertising, this time, Bao Ying, Yang Yinglve beauty better than

2017-08-12 22:57:12 190 ℃
Don't make you noticed, although Bao Ying played the role through the ancient and modern, other soft adorable character and the myriads of changes, sometimes tough,

But the real life of Zhao Liying, there is a kind of honey - whether long or short stick, whether straight or curled on his hair, a little unshakable: be sure to put the whole face exposed, bangs? NO!

Black long straight bangs, refused to,

Cut the hot roll, also want to tie a ball to the whole face exposed,

Even the side to side, comb lesson, face but not at all in.

Only in the play, only occasionally appear neat bangs styling,

Of course, most of the time, even if there is still not a small bangs, bare forehead,

Partial shape? The memory only in this movie appeared, but also forced side.

But the last two days, the official release of the film for a chocolate Bao Ying advertising, Bao Ying uncharacteristically comb partial, just perfect radian, collocation long earrings, the original round face long bao ying,

Cute little a little bit, a little bit more elegant than usual, Bao Ying, a little bit of fashion.

Netizens also think: how to look like Zhao Liying, but a bit like Joe Chen.

The jar (think) actually not at all, but we usually used Bao Ying, lovely dress, a bit does not adapt to the sudden woman, so I feel like "".

This side and inside the film side than up, because the shorter and more volume, more playful and Western style,

I just thought Bao Ying, lovely, but the other is let Ying Bao become more "advanced", the beauty of a new height.

But before Zhao Liying, the spokesman of the chocolate is AB Angela Baby,

In this new style of blessing, the jar should find Ying Bao Yan and gentle degree even slightly better than AB chip.

So, Bao Ying, or don't insist on his own "zero fringe principle", and occasionally a hair styling, perhaps beautiful new height!

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