YSL seriously the makeup is not good? Twenty thousand pieces of high heels on the pulley Duan you dare to wear?

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YSL seriously the makeup is not good? Twenty thousand pieces of high heels on the pulley Duan you dare to wear?

2017-08-12 22:57:21 165 ℃

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Speaking of YSL we are not only think of cosmetics,

Eight and you stay in Hong Kong.


The YSL is also very cock in the fashion circle

All the big names are in fashion circles a space for one person

Otherwise, how to mix.

As one of the highlight of Paris fashion week Saint Laurent,

Every time all has become the focus of fashion comment.

The new government took office three fire Anthony Vaccarello

At Hedi after Slimane is also engaged in a major action

Autumn and winter this year, most fire is definitely not what lipstick

But a series of high-heeled shoes!

8 cm heels, a perfect combination of color, smooth lines, not only has a very professional roller structure is also equipped with a brake part, ask if you dare to wear. Anyway, for eight I dare not wear high heels, wearing 8 cm I wrestling still keep me wearing 8 cm high heels skating?

This can be said to be very afraid.

In 10 years ago

There is a roller skating shoes

To fashion? Take exercise? Skating makes you all have high heels

This is not a special YSL skating high-heeled shoes took a large

This set of black and white photos and other style?

I feel a bit like TF.

This is not about the 8cm heels pose very handsome

Really let people wear out or you need courage

Only one sentence to death or shoes

Recently, the big people are really not very understand!

The day before yesterday for eight out of a topic

You talk about the most ugly shoes

In fact, feel the question is wrong

Should ask the most personalized shoes

Also received a lot of little fairies submission


Contributors: flow terms

The ugliest shoes is probably ok... The more I cannot read the trend......

No. two

Contributors: Si Lu

Many have seen the bionic shoes, but still can not understand this

No. three

Contributors: Xiaoping students

Do not know where to see, spicy spicy eyes asked you!

No. four

Contributors: sky fish

I feel ugly, but sales also can

This stay eight people to feel okay, fine leg girls wear cute coat collocation should be quite lovely, but also do not know what kind of real, so if there is bought to share.

No. five

Contributors: CasIst

Come on, not only the most ugly, ugly

The friend is really good ah seriously contribute.. Suddenly several pairs of shoes scraper, but the feeling most people on the street wearing this style, although the eight is not to enjoy the stay!

No. six player

Contributors: Yandy

See on the internet... I think people wear out.. Have the courage?

The friend you this also too stifling, have to say really sickening. I don't think what people have the courage!

No. seven

No. eight

Contributors: M.

Since that ugly shoes

Everyone thinks that ugly things, there are always people who love to love, a turnip green vegetables

No. nine

No. ten

Contributors: CYyJie

Net + + increased explosion of sports shoes

Number eleven

Contributors: Oh

The high-heeled shoes, sports shoes, color, logo, but also good died like Nike out of order in a complete mess, ugly planet should only have

Stay eight to say aliens pleaded!

Contributors: 23

My boyfriend said this when lovers shoes: < / /::: <

Stay for eight want to say to you boyfriend very idea ah

No. thirteen


I have seen the most ugly shoes no one!

Above all the event submission!

In fact, before a baby said

The radish leaves

So this is not importune. As long as we look happy

Happy to buy.

The vote on this event

Good presentation today is here

A little more recently Tucao

Eight stay next week to introduce several double parity is forcing the shoes

Introduce the following Yaya to everyone
[for your boyfriend] step on mine
Small Ahn
Human and machine, professional bad teacher,Just push used
Care about your beauty than you
Pay attention to him, with beautiful.

Want to see the shoes bag clothes cosmetics please to stay eight points like Oh ~

Maybe you just like how to see.