What is left of what hairstyle for you?

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What is left of what hairstyle for you?

2017-08-12 22:57:38 132 ℃

Before the popular long hair and waist,

A few years ago and captured many a female heart,

This year the army popped horse hair,

The entertainment for everyone hands-on demonstration

What hairstyle is called change yen value!

But not every hair sister paper are suitable,

Not only to face the,

The different height of the sister paper a different haircut,

There is a large difference!

The following 150cm

Lolita Bob head

Is not to say that the shorter the hair was high, height below 150 sister paper, with long hair is too naive, short hair and lack of aura.

howeverLolita Bob headYou envy others, between mature personality and maiden appearance, has a strong personal style.

Leave some bangs neat but serrated corrugated,Do not cover the eyebrowsOtherwise, will reduce Tokebis temperament.

Increase the aura is not your forte, most suitable for little girlsJapanese hair curlingA more gentle, innocent.


And ear hair

This is the sister paper, petite lovely, your playfulAnd ear hairV, small face and delicate facial features more obvious advantages.

WeirdDog bangsSo, don't like 160+'s sister paper the garish, poor visual fashion degrees just right.

Want talent shows itself in the crowd of gasSide hairHair must be neat, one side is fluffy, in order to prop up the field.

Small volume easy old, Qi Liu tend to show this short.Irregular bangs hair short hairClever, and personality.

Both sides to one side bending weijuan,Will head hair to fixedCreate a small, divided by age, youth can increase height.

Or put the hair back, with aHalf ball head highXiao Xiao Qu, than it is more like a small goblin.


In the long hair or hair

The standard height sister paper, saveLong curly hairIs no pressure. Long may seem cumbersome, too short and not small clever. Tie up the apple head, cute to no problems.

Compare the Zhao Liying long hair will know, with the high heels and upward angle, leg length ratio is still very general.

Hair is not too long.That is the goddess of the standard, covering both sides of the face, temperament and thin, no matter what outfit can hold live.

A sense of sideMore, individuality, side ratio let you out of the ordinary.

The closer 5:5 more and more gentle, wild and sexyThat is free to choose.

Every kind of beautifulUpdoAlso, in the long hair the most easy to play. If you happen to be lucky is the standard height, please do not toss hair, how to use beauty than everyone else!


Long hair long hair or

The tall figure can not waste, with a long hair, it is best toLong straight hairMore, Xian Qi fluttering ultramicroscopic woman oh!

Even the hair, as long asCurling slightlyBecause of this, the height of momentum was not too strong or weak, will roll a little fairies.

Long hair is not only straight and volume two ways, changing the pattern ofTie up the hairIs the kingly way. High ponytail will cold beauty show to the extreme.

AlsoMermaid tailsFrom the top down, and from the loose to tight binding method, is not very good like a beautiful mermaid princess?

The amount of fat enough, 100% by ageDouble BraidGet is also very good, if the hair length or height, can not afford to support, the breath is weak, but also Zhuangnen suspected.

Don't need too much modification and boundary,Sleep long hairIt comes with a lazy temperament. Tall girls want to reduce their pressure, hair how Xian how to get right.

More than 175cm

In the long wave short head volume or Bob

The 175 line is a supermodel, you go from the queen of the gas field line, how can not triedIn the long side of the waves? No ordinary lines smooth and clean, big wave flirtatious vulgar.

DelicateShort head BobThat is different from the little girl lovely appearance, big lips sexy domineering, nude color lipstick and cool classical Oriental temperament, but avoid too cute pink tones.

The taller, hairstyle but not too long, otherwise there is a lion top-heavy both visual sense. SweetAir bangs hairIn more than, more amiable temperament.

Different height also have different skeleton and contour,

According to the height of their choice of hairstyle,

To their own temperament and fit out!

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