20 year old girls how to choose their own skin care products?

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20 year old girls how to choose their own skin care products?

2017-08-12 23:00:04 138 ℃

20 years old, will always be praised is the best stage of life, because you have the best age, the most beautiful face, most of the time, the most adequate energy.

Most people's skin care habits, are also from the age of 20 began to develop, after all, only at a young age to do maintenance, until 30 years old when more clout towards the door.

But as the saying goes, too beautiful because it's too young, when we are more like you

The bullet and bought expensive products too hurt money, free to buy low-end skin care and hurt face. The 20+ years old, in the end what?

I have 20+ years into three parts, each stage of the health and skin care needs are different, today to talk again.

First of all, clear ideas, as long as the money, 20+ can be used as a brand. The skin is only demand points, respectively did not, as long as you have demand can be used.

I am 20 years old this year

Start a good time.

For just entering the 20 year old sister paper, the skin condition is the youngest peak moment. But the adolescent just past, leaving mostly a long oil pox, large pores, uneven skin color face. So, just 20 years old girls care only one goal: the balance of water and oil.

Young is really a very proud thing ah, from the inside to the outside are full of vitality, as long as good skin moisturizer and sunscreen is enough. So the young time of skin care brands do not have too many requirements!

Sinoway -- domestic big mild herbs

Affordable herbal medicine has always been my very optimistic about the domestic brand, so many years have been very conscience. The products are in favor of natural plant extracts, rarely add flavor and other hazardous ingredients, although not a lot of high performance products, but to meet the requirements of young skin replenishment or properly.

Four times more affordable herbal extraction Moisturizing Cleanser

Reference price: 29rmb/100ml

What is not particularly good, but washing fresh and not tight, no extra flavor, so as a cleansing, it has been very good.

Four times more affordable herbal extraction moisturizing toner

Reference price: 59rmb/120ml

This water is good to use ah, my high school is in use, it is popular for many years. Refreshing moisturizing and not greasy. Slightly sticky texture, wipe down in cotton, absorbs quickly.

Affordable herbal Hamamelis Hydrating Toner

Reference price: 69rmb/120ml

There are affordable herbal products of skin friendly! A composition table is full of conscience, a variety of plant extracts, does not add any flavor. But the alcohol content is not high, sensitive skin can also try.


Ji Yan - Safety cosmetic brand side

A production line of Mentholatum and Japan jointly Rohto pharmaceutical research and development, the main drug route, so are simple and effective ingredients. No fragrance, no pigment, sensitive skin can be assured to buy.

Ji Yan extremely moist Facial Cleanser

Reference price: 70rmb/100ml

This is the amino acid cleansing, non soap. But clean unexpected good, skin will feel clean and just.


Reference price: 125rmb/170ml

This lotion is extremely moist muscle on behalf of the star product, countless praise, mother of dry skin. Sticky texture, moisturizing effect is very good, mixed oil, oil will not join in the fun. The type and concentration in this run, we should pay attention to the purchase under.

White muscle Whitening Moisturizing Lotion

Reference price: 105rmb/90ml

White run is based on extremely moist plus the whitening active ingredients arbutin, whitening moisturizing + want, try white run series. But always a price, the price of good and effective is not too fast.


L'OREAL moist grape seed series

A recent L'OREAL makeup done very slip, lipstick, Lip Glaze are more and more beautiful. At the same time also did not lose in the skin, the grape seed mainly young skin moisturizing, dry skin will love it. By the way, the flagship store is doing the Qixi Festival activities, a series of grape seeds as long as 239 yuan!

L'OREAL special run moist grape seed cream

Reference price: 160rmb/50ml

Recommendations to the official flagship store to buy gifts, L'OREAL is very powerful. I think this cream is advertising advertising really good-looking, and then bought. For the price is good, moisture is not greasy, the absorption rate is moderate, mixed skin in the summer use feeling is not too bad, dry skin will be more love.


In fact, a single product some Korean brand has done well, very suitable for this age. But all the products are replaced, do not have to buy Korean brands, you can try Chinese and Japanese skin care, are also good.

I am 25 years old this year

At the beginning of the war against the old began!

It is said that a woman over 25 years old physical condition began to decline, reflecting on the skin is more obvious. The age, the number of small fine lines, small spots appeared in a sneaky way, if not controlled, really old back down.

Although the heart is full of refuse, obviously was a little fairy why anti-aging! But the body is honest, mature products with the light up or to be used, so the skin care demands of this time is: water stability anti praesenilis.

Estee Lauder red pomegranate series

Red pomegranate series for young skin, main Paizhuo beauty, to yellow palette. I still love, really have to yellow effect. Although I am Estee Lauder diehard powder, but conscience still want to say, I only love youpi as mixed in the cleansing, use dry skin feeling may be better.

Estee Lauder red pomegranate Foam Cleanser

Reference price: 280rmb/125ml

280RMB is a counter price, but find on purchasing duty-free shops and activities, I only spent 150 to buy a. Don't think you, because this is only cleansing can be used as clean mask use, save the money to buy a cleansing mask! It belongs to a kind of foam is not so rich, but clean and inferior, clean and dry out, the strength is recommended to oil cooking oil can be scraped off their summer face.

Estee Lauder red pomegranate cream

Reference price: 350rmb/15ml

This eye cream is good, gel texture than the pale pink, little brown bottle better absorption. Not greasy, so it will not have the risk of fat particles. Anti aging very much in the eyes, so eye is worth the investment.


Freeplus freeplus/ series of net profit

Although I don't want to admit, but I have only a 25 year old from the lost distance. Now while I have acne problems, but every season will be unstable. Net profit low sensitive series flagship Freeplus mild season for the most assured.

Freeplus net profit of three sets of series of cleansing emulsion

Reference price: 580RMB

Do not have to buy a set, but in the flagship store to buy sets will have a lot of gifts, it will cost much more than buy separately. The fake Freeplus is very powerful, suggest that you buy from reliable sources.


Sekkisei, more suitable for mixed skin, skin

Sekkisei alcohol content is very high, for dry skin and sensitive skin damage, but oily skin will love it with a sense of. Cool is not sticky, used to do the repairing effect is very good.

Sekkisei water classic suit

Reference price: 610rmb

The snow and water to make muscle film really white, with more moisturizing emulsion series collocation. Although many people complain that the alcohol content is too heavy to sensitive, but mixed with youpi down good impression. Recommend to the flagship store to buy the suit, because it's really a lot of gifts!


HABA: dry skin moisturizing outstanding love.

I didn't feel what to HABA, but the dry skin friends are love, can not only high water and used after the skin soft and tender. The composition of HABA is very simple, can be pregnant.

HABA squalane moisturizing suit

Reference price: 346rmb/180ml+15ml

I found the flagship store suits are very cost-effective, will send additional 4ml squalane oil and 20ml G beauty lotion, what is earned! There is little skill usage, want to shoot a few times G after a drop of dew, and then pour the oil on the face of beauty, a little pat will absorb better. You can try a drop of desert skin mixed liquid foundation, can effectively avoid cracking dry foundation.


Yuesai, the local chiefs had

Yuesai is really a sense of history of the brand, to see my mother for hours. This year Yuesai skin care in the new series, used to play call Ganoderma good for it, the whole series of products are the thick smell of Ganoderma lucidum, stable state of skin done especially well.

Yuesai toner / activate the vitality of Ganoderma lucidum essence

Reference price: 220rmb/295rmb

Some time ago, micro-blog had praised it, are more sticky texture, but good absorption, stabilization and moisturizing effects are good, when a large area of smallpox I will rely on them. Although the price is not cheap, but the partial skin, use it can omit the lotions and creams. This price is the official flagship store price, but Yuesai do activities when the discount is very powerful, when recommend activities such as the price of more than a little store. (618 when the direct price, regret not hoard)

I am 28 years old this year

The old anti early last chance!

Girls at this age, working life is stabilized, many people will choose to do the beautiful bride, even when the mother.

If just when the mother, it is necessary to consider the skin care products during pregnancy and breast-feeding enough safety; if not this special situation, we should conscientiously do a good job of anti-aging, antioxidant.


Yu Ze - medical level, safe

In fact, I do not recommend the pregnant mother to give up all the daily skin care, skin care products for the components can be absorbed by the skin is less and less, from the skin to enter the body cycle really very little. But the most important is the mood during pregnancy, so it is really worried about it, you can choose this brand of pharmaceutical grade jade.

Dr.Yu/ jade skin barrier repair essence cream

Reference price: 178rmb/30ml

Recently, the aunt of smallpox is very powerful, other skin care products basically stopped, every day on it and Yuesai save water of Ganoderma lucidum. Super moist and open, one by one pump can be applied to the whole face, the absorption is also very good. Want your skin to maintain stability, jade is the best choice of essence.


Olay value of individual products

For a long time, my impression of Olay still remain in effect combinationquanyou 7 advertising: "cream without fear of age! A bottle of 7 repair skin problems!" But this year the Olay was underestimated, multi effect creams and small green bottle essence * upgrade now white bottle) are good at use.

Reference price: 250rmb/40ml

Counter price of 368 yuan, but I recommend to us, the U.S. version is the original white bottle mouth burst small green bottle of good upgrade edition, plus postage should be 250 yuan will be able to fix. Go to the counter or flagship store students should also pay attention to Olay, there are two bottles of white, looks like, but the other is a moisturizing essence, see.


Shiseido - 100 excellent volume series

Shiseido's basic skin care are doing well, 100 excellent series is specifically against the beginning of the old, so not too greasy, use cream and cream are good.

Shiseido 100 excellent abundance Firming Cream

Reference price: 590rmb/15ml

I just recently used it, white texture, good with good absorption. The main function is to really firming, edema, the effect is very good, a few days of continuous use will not feel eyelid edema to blindfolded. On the now dry lines can also be smooth, when the make-up powder fine card now obviously a lot of light.


Estee Lauder small brown bottle series

A small brown bottle series is Estee Lauder's star product, and eye muscle bottom liquid is a good use for 40+'s mother anti-aging efforts may not enough, but the beginning of the old resistance is great.

Estee Lauder small brown bottle of eye cream

Reference price: 490rmb/15ml

Although only 15ml but still pretty by the smooth texture, absorb quickly, to fine lines have very significantly improved. I do not know whether the psychological effect, always feel that it really can dilute the black eye. At this point, infinite repurchase.

Estee Lauder small brown bottle of facial cream

Reference price: 850rmb/50ml

In the make-up water after a step to help better absorption of subsequent products. The texture is thick but very good absorption, not greasy. After a period of time will obviously feel the skin condition is stable, to stay up caused by the dark skin also has the effect of.

In fact, even if the budget can do care, not necessarily expensive to be effective. But we have to remember:Skin care is always to do subtraction, is to streamline.

Good night my lovelies!

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