The body fat rate of small details, you must know the fitness!

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The body fat rate of small details, you must know the fitness!

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In order to obtain the ideal body

In the process of fitness

We will maintain a high degree of attention to body fat

By adjusting the rational data

Our fitness program is desirable

But there are some details about the body fat rate

Are you clear?

To determine whether a person is obese,

The first is the assessment on the figure,

And then converted into body weight.

See a little fat,

Will ask"You have 200 pounds".

This measure is not accurate.

In fact, in life we can easily find two weight,

But the degree of obesity very different people.

This is because they have different rates of body fat.

The NO.1 range of body fat rate

Due to individual differences,

Different height and age of the corresponding ideal body fat rate is different.

The Holland girl, lose 2 years, a pound of weight was not decreased.

But the body looks much better, why?

You are very curious,

Why 62.5kg looks thinner than the 56kg?

Because of the same weight of fat and muscle,

Fat is 4 times the size of muscle!!

We lose weight is fat!

The body fat rate of different vision is what?

The body fat rate of common effect on a person's body and muscle rate,

The body fat rate is the key to affect the body fat.

For people who do not exercise regularly,

This is often appear in the figure:

Very low and very low body fat muscle


Low muscle + low body fat


Low body fat + muscle


Low muscle + high body fat


Many people will feel that low muscle + body fat,

In the best one or two years,

A maximum of four or five years is really nice.

A golden age will live happily.

For regular exercise,

This is a certain body muscle content:

The normal figure

Body fat rate: 18-20%


General fitness

Body fat rate: 14%-17%


Metrosexual man fit

Body fat rate: 9%-13%


Professional fitness

Body fat rate: 5%-8%


Of course, the difference in the rate of body fat on the men and women is obvious,

The body fat rate of different levels of sports also exist differences.


14%-20% under the age of 30 is a normal range,

30 above the normal range will change to 17%-23%.

For ordinary people,

10%-18% is the ideal range,

But bodybuilders standard is 4%-9%.

NO.2 control of the body fat rate have a degree

Different individuals have the ideal body fat corresponding rate. For sports enthusiasts slimming, body fat rate is not high, but very low body fat rate is a good news?

No, the body fat is divided into two parts, namely, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, as the main body of the storage material.

Effect of subcutaneous fat appearance, visceral fat around the organs affected healthy longevity.

Fat also has a protective effect on the body organs, body fat rate is too low but will make the human metabolism disorder.

If the visceral fat if too much, easy to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and chronic disease.

Therefore, obesity mainly depends on the rate of body fat, lose weight is to lose fat, reduce the body fat rate.

There are about 3-4% of normal male body fat must be fat, fat is fat to female 10-12%. Below this standard, it will affect the health.

While the male body fat is higher than 25%, more than 35% women are obese, affect health, will affect the body.

NO.3 how to judge their own body fat rate

Picture contrast

By contrast the picture, you can roughly understand their own body fat rate.

Measurement of body circumference

The other parts of the body circumference test, can relatively accurately measure the body fat rate, will float 2%.

Want to measure your body fat rate, through the form report, can get accurate calculation.

Machine test

The gym or hospitals generally have Inbody (body composition measurement instrument), can be calculated in muscle, fat, moisture content.

Can determine the body fat percentage.

The rate of body fat measurement is affected by many factors.

In the measurement of body fat rate, should ensure that the measurement time and a measurement period of roughly the same. In addition to ensure their own in a relatively calm state, to ensure that the data obtained with reference.

Also note that, different algorithms have different differences for the calculation of body fat rate, body fat rate need to be combined with other reference meaningful.

NO.4 body moulding standard and body fat rate

Because of the existence of individual physiological differences between people, the body fat rate is not completely correct and objective standard.

To measure the training results, the objective standard is the most accurate self change.

If it is found through the movement, was improved, health has improved, the rate of body fat can really play a role.

Losing weight is not fat weight loss

While chasing a low body fat rate

Also the health hazard

Fitness for friends

The content of body fat body

Continuously improve the fitness program!

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