Hollow skirt goddess favorite, a beautiful, people embarrassed!

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Hollow skirt goddess favorite, a beautiful, people embarrassed!

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Chest is not what happens, many actresses create new styles choice when choice is hollowed out to attend the activities.

The extra baggage sector on behalf of Jiang Xin wearing a lace dress hollow, flesh in lace openwork under partly hidden and partly visible.

Although the tight dress is very significant, but the black lace and gauze with little dust breath.

Openwork lace see-through dress skirt collocation on both sides at the same time, wearing the red high-heeled shoes of Jiang Xin, and so on, this style is not there is something wrong?

In addition to the hollow skirt coulee nuozha hollow waist, chest is hollow dress, is more charming, charming!

Angela Baby Yan is obtained a lot of entertainment in the affirmative, gave birth to the child body is also very good. Angela Baby's good floral skirt openwork stature foil to the more graceful, like the fairy down!

"III. ten peach" fire of the Xinjiang girl Di Ali Gerba, was wearing a red skirt is so cute.

Angelababy and Ni Ni also through the red lace skirt, two people look like sisters.

Zhao Liying dressed as ancient princess, luxury.

Song Jia's blue floral dress, waist to hollow out a small fresh temperament with a sexy taste.

The white dress is Liu Yan is her perfect figure show, sexy.

Hollow skirt Liu Shishi is normal, in everyday life we can wear to go shopping

Fan Bingbing

Yang Mi

Zhang Xinyu


Then the actress had to call people hot loaded hollow eyes

Yuan Li did not think of "hissharp Ji Xiaolan" in the moon so bold

Lin Chiling

Fan Bingbing the red hollow, not suitable for Fan Ye ah, was too unwieldy.

Gao Yuanyuan, the red skirt is not suitable for Gao Yuanyuan, a little temperament do not wear!

Fan Bingbing said the truth is not entirely suitable for this style, Bing Bing is a little meat girl, sexy dress this perspective not only did not play the effect also exposes various small defects

Gloria Tang would not have said, this looks really is no beauty

The upper part of the goddess Carina Lau fortunately, the lower part of the body is very strange.. ah... May be we do not know the fashion now

Look at the time of normal baby, clothing is always online, of course, occasionally there will be a one or two decline in time

You may feel a bit awkward, hands kept pulling skirt

So the clothes or to suit their own ah, not suitable for their own good and wearing effect is not good, since the effect is not good to wear what did not use, nor to attract eyeball like this ah

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