Good taste never look at the face, I am more fashionable than others to rely on these secret!

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Good taste never look at the face, I am more fashionable than others to rely on these secret!

2016-07-22 10:53:23 315 ℃

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See your messages every day (not being a flop baby continue to refuel!)

There are always some resentment of the girl said: "look at the face of face......"

In fact, good taste never look at the face

By these details make you wear a refined.

The dress is more worth buying all-match

Instead of buying and buying

Would rather choose a fewSuitable size and fabric style crispThe dress near the body

Whether to go to work or go shopping

Can set it easy to go out

Recommend a single product

One shoulder dress, skirt, waist straight skirt

Of course, there are the necessary classic little black dress, white skirt

Don'tEvery time they buy a boy"Look the same"

As long as you can try a variety of styles

If you can't make up your mind, please ask your girlfriend, boyfriend or sister for reference.

So that you do not clearly wear new clothes, but the birth of a misunderstanding into a gas

Figure mix on these items

Want to wear pattern only by dress somewhat greasy and this is the time to take advantage of other all-match your wardrobe, a single product portfolio

Recommend a single product

A variety of short skirts, shorts, T-Shirts, shirts and other basic items

Choose one pieceThis season is popularSingle product

With a piece ofBasic modelsIs a routine that will never go wrong!

In addition to the lining of the color of their skin color can be easily out of fashion sense

Fashion blogger VivaLuxury is very fond of using basic models to concave shape

And good at usingHigh waist to big legs.

Jeans with a white T-shirt, timeless classic Look

But a strapless bigger immediately scheming ah

How important is it for a girl to have a bag?

One over the season or with the whole set of look does not take the tune of the bag

Not as well as weUnarmedThe beauty of coming!

For a simple chestnut

The basic needs of the whole set of temperament to hold live

But if you take a certain C, G, P bag


I'll see you a few more.

Even start a chain reaction to gain insight into your clothing brand

Shoes are just the same.

The so-called layman look

Experts look at the brand

One thing is enough!

Why good taste never look at the face?

Another layer of meaning is because of the existence of sunglasses and hat

Can prevent the sun and can block the face

Stars rely on it to hide the beauty

We rely on itHide mediocreAh!

Such a set of elegant collocation and graceful figure

Has conquered everyone's aesthetic

With good taste will be able to easily add value points

Oh, many girls feel no graceful posture

I never said to stay in their place

Some just PS

But the genes are not subject to their own control, but you can grasp the body ah!

Take the elder sister can only hand inNon pollution slimmingLink:

Do not say again look at the face to see the girl, you are not the United States is to look at the taste and effort ah! (bow

Like to give may a big"Zan"Oh"!

Heard that the top buddy must be beautiful!