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The most beautiful dress color method! 2016 popular color you should take the < 2>

2016-07-22 11:05:29 404 ℃

Scorching summer, we certainly have to beauty! Is also a time to dress himself Tim point color, since the global color (Pantone) agency authority released the 2016 fashion color, do not know hollowed out many people's wallet, but do you know how to match these popular color?? Today, we have to sort out a set of practical and stylish summer color scheme, to ensure that you dress color is not wrong!

The hazy powder with fairy gas also has a nice name, Pink Pale, which sounds like the name of the fairy who can be put on. If a down to earth, you can also call it a lotus pink or grey pink. The girl faded sense of Pale Pink will have to be much more than the ordinary pink fashion, does not make people feel a Zhuangnen suspected.

The most popular color method: pink + Black

Dim powder with the season invincible popular color black, suddenly added a sense of the senior.

The most popular color matching method: pink + grey

Light Pink Pale and gray with an unexpected coordination, do not always use black and white with gray, try Pink Pale it, will make you have a different surprise.

The most fashionable color method: powder + yellow

Want to be seen in the crowd, yellow must be the best choice. Pink and yellow dress up, on the one hand, you are smart and lively, on the other hand is also a good opportunity to show the strength of the show. And yellow and this year's popular colors are very well, in the back will do a detailed introduction.

Most insurance method: pink + white

All-match white collocation Pale Pink natural harmony, and more fairies fluttering.

Small area color: Pink

Many of the personality of the girls do not like pink, or even reject pink, a large area of pink dress for them, the inner nature is rejected. So, why don't you try a little pink dot? Will not violate the style you insist on, but also make you more rich in shape.