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Next week, what to wear this long thin shirt | burst

2017-09-11 23:24:13 154 ℃

A thin shirt is definitely the summer season, the most universal single product, especially now, even after the beginning of autumn, the sun is still hot. Want to bask in, and do not want to throw a little bit of fashion sense, the shirt outside the building is absolutely what you want.

Compared to the short shirt, Matsumatsu's boyfriend wind shirt and walk with the wind long shirt is the most in look this season, whether or not the ride is covered buckle wear is very fashionable, can easily penetrate the sense of hierarchy. Want to have your get? Let's wait for COCO to show you how the fashion guys wear.

Plain shirt

Although the color shirt is the most common, the most inconspicuous, but want to wear a sense of hierarchy and not messy, and can easily a senior, choose a solid shirt, definitely not wrong. Fresh colors, especially white, give the shirt a more supple material.

Like Xi Mengyao this white shirt outside the ride under the clothes wear is missing in the model, a color is bright T-shirt, shorts, sanding hole collocation of the Vuitton Louis thick with ankle boots, and then catch with the echoes of the baseball cap, light colored ornaments mix Maomao bag, like improper icon are very fashionable difficult.

And the same is a Zhang Li shirt oversize Landrace, but this body piercing the full cool sexy ruffian wind, all black and white dress decorated with paint, rivets, hollow elements, people cannot resist mother man fan.

But like Bella, her boyfriend wind white shirt take the white belly top was very high wear, but the knee light denim shorts is very easy to figure body three equal to significantly shorter. Sister paper, when compared to better than shorts or micro La pants.

A pair of frock pants and a cool Girl style.

While the long and ankle shirt split at the waist to create effect knot, can modify the leg curve, and can walk with the wind, fresh Yu Zengtian Xian qi. It is suitable for tall stature is slender fairy.

Chiffon and silk like soft texture of the shirt is especially suitable for the two day wear, plain or black collocation of single product, solid and comfortable wear.

The structure, design a strong sense of the white shirt style is casual can show fashionable strokes.

A structure of irregular contour design of waist, sling outfit is also provided to fashion, break the monotonous method.

A light blue shirt than a white shirt is more fresh, and then catch the monotonous fringes, regulating the body wave, floral elements and very delicate atmosphere.

As the weather is getting cold, long shirt can be a thick coat, a smart shirt hem. One or two bright colors are better for all over the body.

However, darker colors are more natural than light colored long shirts. For example, a Navy shirt like Zhang Huiwen, a white print T-shirt and white edge shorts, and a clean white Dior Mini bag. The feet of the black shiny black striped Vetements knitted socks shoes in a side letter A, dotting and increase the College Street wind.

However, this year's general trend of moss green and army green is a little long shirt with some frock elements. Besides, it is very popular to fold it with small bags and pockets.

Plaid Shirt

Compared to a solid colored shirt, plaid shirts are more common in early autumn streets, whether the classic black and white campus style, shirt or other style. Are age and thin the all-match single product.

As the large power power walk forever in the way this stylish red and Black Plaid Shirt Long outside the ride can be said to be the best look, all in red, black color, a texture of the silk lace straps, black hair side letters shorts, baseball caps and sunglasses add street with sexy, and hard red bag the white boots, dotting makes the body more leisure mix a lady fan.

Rerba collocation is more simple and, in a loose black dress and black slits, Choker sports shoes of the outfit is full of wind movement, but walk with the wind field can also be said that no one can be the enemy.

Song Jia's shirts and coats were stacked and worn, especially the elaborate Plaid of black and white, completely out of the boredom of all black, a street girl.

Baby oversize and the blue shirt collocation sport wind belt, especially this year the trend of belt tail hanging line method directly, and is able to display in the loose body.

And the long plaid shirt with the shape of the metal ring knot system is also very fashionable.

Of course, with a long Plaid Shirt wrapped up is definitely not a fashionable choice in fine concave posture, a navel TOP, sexy fashion than outside.

With the school wind socks, thick soles of small shoes, just to show a small section of thin legs, is very thin.

A plaid shirt, with a solid colored suit, has no other effect.

Striped shirt

Striped shirts are more tactile and refreshing than plaid shirts of reduced age.

Is among several sets of stripe long shirt look coffee is very fashionable Tian Jing model, Balenciaga blue and white striped pattern with a simple letter lining loose white T, white baseball cap collocation large black sunglasses and red lips, holes in jeans baggy pants and add to the free full sense of fashion.

Compared to the light colored line of the whole body, the black and white striped long shirt matches the black T, and the interesting embroidered shorts are more playful.

Like Tang Yan with a striped shirt to wear stack mix can also wear a new idea, exquisite striped shirt sleeves, a collar and hem, and vintage old washed denim jacket style collide, the same color collocation blue bag, fashionable and by age.

Regardless of wearing a single stripe shirt, inside or outside, all kinds of fancy clothes can wear very chic.

Even the simplest Oversize mini shirt is full of style, but one trick is to put one side of the shirt in it, which nicely modifies the waist, leg, curve, and structure. Especially with tiny pants or half skirts.

A long stripe shirt coat is very all-match, whether it is a small suit, windbreaker or style mix of baseball clothing, motorcycle leather, can wear a different feeling.

Baseball Jacket, baseball cap, sports wind elements, mix black boots, pearl bag, elegant sense of the shirt, it is chic.

The sling outside wear method like irregular collocation doll shirt type long striped shirt, echoing the flat black and white stripes, is very intellectual sweet.

The striped shirt as a windbreaker outside, more smart and elegant feeling. Long lines are also very thin, pulled into the whole body line ratio. Wear when the whole body of the tone to do subtraction is appropriate, black and white, plus cowboy blue for primary colors.

Polka shirt

Wave point shirt is more ancient, sweet department, black and white wave point shirt itself has more focus, and other simple products as simple as possible.

Straight through single wave point shirt skirt.

Pajamas, wind waves, polka dots, and long shirts can be used as jackets with white broad leg pants.

Or the big wave point shirt shirt with the lower hem, and the weaving and weaving of the plaid, which is the wind of the British academy.

print shirt

The printed shirt may be more difficult to control, but try to use a single product to minimalist collocation, it is to pass through the mood and taste.

Like Qi Wei choose complicated pajamas style flower shirt, a minimalist white T, a pair of jeans, exaggerated Sunglasses enhance the whole look texture, but this dress is to pick the girls from the skin, also need to be cautious ah!

Like this stamp itself very domineering suction eye style plus rivet elements, general people away, but dressed very fashionable.

And the army green printing more ground gas some, the whole design with belt, tooling feel full, with gas field.

A fun printed cowboy shirt will be less age and more comfortable than a denim coat.

As more plain line shirt coat collocation simple sling, baggy pants, very suitable for leisure vacation.

Stitching shirt

If you think that ordinary shirt out of your style, you can pick out stitching shirts, regardless of different materials or different patterns of stitching, very personal independence of conduct.

Qi Wei's blue stitching stripes and long shirts attract all the attention, and other matches come with simple white ones.

The goddess Qi Wei is definitely the shirt large, every kind of can in her amazing parties, the Louis Vuitton spell check pattern shirt combines classic wind pajamas and playful decorative elements, mosaic full of sense of fun.

The simple sense of structure stitching is also very exquisite.

The shape of the lower profile is clean and can penetrate the gas field.

New through method:

However, in addition to choosing the style of the shirt, the fashionable stars have invented countless structures to wear. If the fairies want to re wear the old shirts of the family, they can learn the following tricks.

In the long shirt collocation a waist short skirt, especially the cortex, can be sexy and temperament more out of length choice in the slightly exposed edge is a good shirt.

Double breasted or zipper design more sense of structure.

With the weather getting cold, the spring on the horizon sweater wearing fashionable dress must be in the winter of this year will become the trend.

Matsumatsu "to wear the sweater and strapless" wind movement is a single product, think it's very hard to do low-key fashion fine.

Wear a sweater, then a collocation waist median split leather skirt on the outside, full gas field.

The sweater is more classic than the shirt. The hem of the shirt can modify the legs.

Other more complex ways of wearing, mixing and blending elements, well dressed, well organized and well organized.

However, such a structure to wear, in fact, quite a bit of brain, and unfortunately wear, it is easy to step on the minefield, to wear to take subtraction, you can directly wear long shirts into one-piece shirt skirt. Simple collocation, white shoes can go out of the street.

Design is also very suitable for autumn wear strapless.

The blue striped shirt skirt is more playful.

Do you think it's possible to wear a long shirt over the fall and winter?

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