Kunling and Jay Chou went to the streets of New York, the big dog food? The king took her innocent face too, steal the spotlight

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Kunling and Jay Chou went to the streets of New York, the big dog food? The king took her innocent face too, steal the spotlight

2017-09-12 18:40:44 275 ℃

Zhou Dongguang said the fashion week, presumably a lot of people will never forget this photo last year with his wife Jay Chou fashion week debut, but Jay Chou's official backers are drying out the photo, Jay Chou at the fashion week slightly tired nap, Kunling face is helpless and looked at her husband, not the picture is simply funny.

Not long ago, a small week just landed, and caught up with the fashion week. But let you eat whale seals, the Kunling was also with her husband Jay Chou straight show, Jay Chou is not afraid to fall asleep again?

But this time Jay Chou did not last so tired, two people are still in fashion week began throwing food street. Kunling also on social networking sites out of the sun and her husband Jay Chou and friends in New York play photos, four people in a row ahead is love too!

But we still have a look together, the show's sister-in-law is still beautiful to fly up? This time, Kun Ling himself said, bold choice of yellow stockings. Bump color coat with color stockings, Kun Ling himself also said to Total Look, in fact, the effect is still very good.

But you are more concerned about the seals or Kunling makeup, we all know that Kunling is half and half, has been with profound sense of the facial makeup is also known, in a bold attempt to the sexy makeup, but how this feels sister-in-law makeup some very wonderful changes?

Yes, different from before the somewhat domineering mixed sense of makeup, the Kunling selected a burst to look innocent makeup, the collocation slightly drooping dog eyes, subtly create a teen girl makeup. Did you feel the makeup she looks like she's feeling a need to protect the delicate and touching rabbit?

And Kunling profile lines would be too good, can be seen from the figure of the innocent sense of makeup Kunling choice is really right. The drooping eye tail made her look more adolescent and echoed the overall dress style. Do you have a very envious Mrs. King's innocent makeup? Learn to follow the seals today!

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There was no oil temperature up to the sister-in-law? To learn with the innocent sense of makeup, you can also hold up to you belong to the king!

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