At 43, she married the sexiest man in the world, owning a fashion empire and worth two hundred million

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At 43, she married the sexiest man in the world, owning a fashion empire and worth two hundred million

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Independence and confidence,

It's women's ultimate charm.

Vitoria Beckham

Wife of the sexiest man in the world,

The mother of four pretty kids,

The head of a fashion empire,

Ambassador to the United Nations Programme on HIV / aids,

She is the famous lady beckham.

"Singer", "hot mom", "fashion queen"",

"Last life, save the galaxy's women.""

She has been labeled with too many labels all along.

And she said"I'm just myself."."

Yes, she's only good at being herself.

"I wish I could be a hard worker,

A low-key, calm and shrewd businessman,

Not the vase around her husband."

Vitoria was born in England in 1974,

Was the eldest.

Parents are businessmen, good family.

I went to school by Rolls-Royce,

Because the gap between rich and poor students is great,

Often isolated and squeezed out.

And because of this, she developed a strong heart from her urine,

8 years old, began to receive vocal, dance and performance training,

Uncompetitive she always silently practicing after class,

Until her parents called and urged her to go home.

At the age of 17, I happened to notice the Ryan College of art and drama,

At the same time, she decided to pursue her music dream.

First, join a band called Persuasion,

Unfortunately, the band did not develop.

No, she's joining the spice girls through layers of choice,

After the debut single, finally hit the red.

In 1997, Beckham met her and fell in love at first sight,

After the call to the hot lady,

Copy it on six or seven slips of paper,

For fear of losing the most precious connection.

With handsome, stylish appearance and outstanding skills,

He was the dream of millions of young girls in england,

And when the media took pictures of Vitoria with him,

Their dreams were broken and many fans called her names online,

It's an unhappy relationship.

However, the feelings of two people, not the outside world.

In 1998, Beckham lost a big game,

Be strongly condemned by domestic public opinion and fall into the low tide of life.

Legend of spice girls.

In addition to work and life,

She also worked with her husband on philanthropy.

Donate all the extra clothes you have at home,

Personally sent to poor areas of Africa and visited children.

In 2014, he was designated as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador,

Will work with an AIDS foundation.

Rely on their own hands to fight two hundred million worth,

Selected as one of the world's most attractive women in the 2015.

Write a personal autobiography "Learning to Fly",

Prince William was also awarded the OBE OBE.

From spice girls to star wives,

From ridicule to career models,

From Beckham to fashion queen, Vitoria,

She no longer needs to be the focus of attention,

Because she cares only about her own feelings.

Simply, neat, invincible,

Always look at things in a positive light.

This is an appraisal given by her friend.

As a matter of fact, she did.

"When you become a busy mother.",

As a career woman,

You should not feel guilty about it,

Instead, you should be proud.

You are guiding your children in the right way,

And gradually grew into a strong professional woman."

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