Zhang Ziyi undressed the spotlight? She is a realistic version of thousands of Song Yi iraq!

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Zhang Ziyi undressed the spotlight? She is a realistic version of thousands of Song Yi iraq!

2017-09-12 20:38:23 333 ℃

Just past the "bazaar Charity Night" topic heat continued unabated, whether it is a star couples show affection, or Angela Chang did not grab grab C bit of a dispute between the lady, or the female stars had a circulation of drama, each full of surprise.

But her sister said, the most absorbing eye is not what the "cold war", butZhang Ziyi that no cover the next fight"!

Before admission, she took a picture with Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing. A princess, a lady of the world, and the lady of the opera, she was very happy.

She has this kind of "Crazy" capital.

She let the world remember "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" in Jen, and cool and charm, and innocent and overweeningly ambitious.

Yu Jiaolong paid everything for the dreams of rivers and lakes, and finally lost his life. But Jen died, Zhang Ziyi thoroughly film at home and abroad to bloom.

Ang Lee said Jen is the desire of all the people of the project, and it is Zhang Ziyi himself.

At that time, the 20 year old Zhang Ziyi has honest desire to put on the table, to the world in a flagrant way to say,It's mine. I want it all.

And that "the banquet" in Wan, want to compete with other women as men favor different,She is an ambitious politician.

Yes look to men, the heart is hidden in another sky.

Under full dress and make-up

Still cold and cheerless

There are "Flying Daggers" in the Zhang Ziyi, a traditional dance, beautiful people don't blink.

Long sleeves stretch, drum, also feel the whole world is quiet.

Only then such Zhang Ziyi, only then has the enough persuasive power, can cause Andy Lau also in the play extremely resentment and the grievance saidI've been waiting for you for three years, but I can't compare with the three days he's with you;

There is enough persuasion to let a man like Kaneshiro Takeshi live for her.

The same lovesick Zhang Ziyi, and "2046" in the fall in love Bai Ling.

Tony Leung's prodigal son Zhou Muyun insisted on paying her money, she was only ten. Those are the debauch cannot hide what dignity, passionately devoted, also does not matter, just want to keep the man you love.

Her you have to believe every twinkle and smile, Tony Leung is the love of her life.

But the real achievement of Zhang Ziyi is not that intense love and hate, and should be the "great master", the toughness of full house two.

It is a stream.

Many stars probably forgot that they were actors.

But time will prove everything, but the work is mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.