Wang Likun teach you to create the age of teenage dream ~ nine hundred million nude make-up.

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Wang Likun teach you to create the age of teenage dream ~ nine hundred million nude make-up.

2017-09-12 21:58:57 173 ℃

Wang Likun, the goddess of the shade, is frozen, and the skin is smooth and supple, and a close photograph of ice cream is a 18 year old girl.

Wrapped in a sweater hat with pink lips soft, very adorable.

Agile high ponytail, with synophrys, lively girl, Chloe discovered that Wang Likun is love for pink lips really!

With the playful ball head by age Chunzhuang, plus white skin, give people a sense of bright eyes, no wonder the nine hundred million teenage dream!

Do you want to realize the nine hundred million girls dream? Take a look at Wang Likun's early morning, 1 hours of age Cheats!Age reduction coup 1:A glass of lemonade a day.

A cup of seemingly ordinary lemon water, if you insist on drinking every day, you will see the skin lit up ~!

Age reduction coup 2: one minute flat support, do three sets per day.

Main points:Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and stand flat on the floor.

Main points ii:

This action can quickly make your shoulders, neck, waist and abdominal muscles exercise, ruddy face.

Main points:After doing the flat support, do some stretching exercises of your limbs, and you'll find your body warm up. (after exercise, remember to wash your face and moisturize.)

Age reduction coup 3: four steps less age makeup.

Step1:With the cream of the air cream that contains the cream of the skin, you can finish the concealer step by step on the face.

Step2:Mascara lash type selection, only need to follow the natural growth direction of eyelash brush a few.

Step3:Blush orange selection, slightly above the cheekbone pat, there will be a good complexion into the skin.

Step4:Some in the lip gently with bare pink lip gloss OK!

That's all right. Learn quickly!

Last sentence:

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