Plump figure how to wear good-looking? These dress taboo, you know?

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Plump figure how to wear good-looking? These dress taboo, you know?

2017-09-15 09:21:48 199 ℃

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When extra baggage belongs to a very awkward definition

Say well, is plump, not good to hear is fat

Plump or fat, depends on how you match how to dress

Know the tricks and the thin techniques you wear

Can wear plump fashion sense

A taboo: some pants

Plump body pants need to pay attention to

Especially some too tight, significantly crotch pants, choose

Because it is very easy to expose their leg meat

The fat girl suggested relatively wear dresses

Cover one's waist and cover one's thighs...... Then directly into the ranks of people

Taboo two: large area printing

Large area printing will let the fat woman was very expansive

If printing, exaggerate a little more

Make clear to remind others of your chest, waist and legs

That's embarrassing. Look at fan different demonstrations

Taboo three: wide stripe

This striped, tight cap

Tight, wide stripes are a disaster

It also magnifies the width of your body

To wear stripes, they must be vertical stripes

Taboo four: Eugen yarn perspective outfit

Plump figure wearing a Eugen yarn, easily only with sensuality

Especially bye bye on your arm

Know those can not wear

What do you have for a mild wear it

The following Xiaobian tell you ~!

Fat buttock & thick thigh Terminator - A word skirt

Tight trousers or skirts

Will a stout hips and thighs exposed at a glance

At this time, a partial loose A skirt

Not only can be hidden in the skirt under the buttocks

More effectively pull long leg lines

If coupled with a pair of high heels, thin is not a dream

Bucket waist & elephant leg Terminator - paper bag pants

As a combination of bag pants waist pants and wide leg pants

No doubt the lower body fat body of the gospel

Bag pants is in fact based on High Waist Pants

Fold the pleats outwards at the waist

The formation of ultra high waisted visual effects, to create a small waist

The fashion of killing two birds with one stone is simply a must

Caution machine for shifting sight - V word collar

Whether it's a V shirt, a T-shirt or a dress

A V in the chest not only blocks the thick shoulders

The neck line can be stretched indefinitely

If you are a lucky plump girl

V's slim collarbone can make you fashionable all over

The transfer of vision to more important after his slender neck

Wouldn't you pay attention to the rest of the meat.

Tighten the belt - your waist belt

Thin key lies in the waist fine

Cover yourself with loose clothing

Or tie a belt around the smallest part of your body

Create a slender feeling

By the way, I pulled up my waistline

This thing is not to shoot two hawks with one arrow, too worthwhile

All legs below the chest are exposed

Don't think the exposed stomach is installed skinny people patent

The girls who love exercise

Always love the circle of friends, Po wearing their own ultra short coat

It seems casual to show off your vest line

Are you jealous and jealous?

But why don't a fat girl try it out?

But you must pay attention to, do not expose the middle of the fat

The best way is high waist pants or skirts collocation

Perfect connection jacket, thin and elongated body shape

The Savior of the fat -- the long dress

If you don't know what to wear, you can come and help with a dress

Simple and unnecessary design avoids procrastination

The most important thing for a fat girl is the pursuit of visual clarity

If you are afraid of monotony, matching sunglasses and bags is a good choice

Plump shape wear is full of sexy

Any figure has the right to fashion beauty