Senior teach you show love, don't say you will only lovemaking......

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Senior teach you show love, don't say you will only lovemaking......

2017-09-16 18:25:53 210 ℃

Usually we say "show love"

The most common way everyone will think is about a circle of friends

Let's do something like "we" and so on

However, this approach is now out of fashion

So here comes the question...

What's the advanced way to show affection?

You're right

Many prisoners may have guessed it

Just fitness

Today, the small prisoners for you, Amway is a pair of Swedish fitness lovers

The man is called Jesper and the female is Amanda

They have attracted more than 40 thousand fans on the INS for their fancy show and affectionate workout

Don't say much

First come a picture, for everyone to experience

"Affectionate gaze" is fatal

But it's just an entry-level intimacy"

They also do some heavyweight intimacy"

The exercise lovers, exercising five times a week, an hour each time

They have a lot of intimacy during the workout

Amanda said: "this is a small reward to complete a set of actions."."

Jesper do push ups, Amanda rowing, pull backs, +a, quick, kiss

In abdominal exercises, legs are wrapped around the waist of a boyfriend

+a quick kiss double chin up

Complete one action at a time

Give each other a small reward

This way they keep the habit of keeping fit

In weight training

Compared with Jesper Amanda also not resigned to playing second fiddle

Change the barbell together

Lifting iron together

Barbell squat

Jesper is holding her girlfriend, afraid she's hurt

In life, Jesper supports his girlfriend as much as he does in fitness

Jesper is the strong backing of Amanda

Let Amanda be bold enough to try what she wants to do

Two people practicing arm, biceps

Jesper doing barbell bench press Amanda sat on him

This is said to increase the weight by 50%

Amanda also can always add water to the Jesper, always holding a glass

In this way, from the details to take good care of each other is the show loving high realm

Amanda has often become a "Jesper" dedicated barbell for fitness"

A POSE is all peaches, hips, and pectoralis major

Not just gym

Go anywhere

They also say practice training

Outdoor bar double chin up

Double arm flexion and extension

Amanda rode on Jesper and laughed on his shoulder

Jesper looked up at Amanda

That's the best form of love

The following small prisoners to introduce you to several groups of lovers can do together fitness exercise

Not only strong physique

It can also improve the feelings of two people

Why not enjoy doing it

Abdominal muscle ---- double yoga ball lifting leg

Abdominal muscles --- flat support + supine roll abdomen

Abdominal muscles --- inverted pendulous rolls

The body weight chest -- doing bench press

Push ups + arms stretch

With their popularity

There are a lot of people who like them online

Think they're positive

Of course

Is also accompanied by a lot of controversy

Some people think they did it just for speculation

But not hype, we do not go to the bottom

The changes in Jesper and Amanda are obvious to all

Encourage and support each other

Make yourself and the person you love become better

Isn't that beautiful in itself?

If everyone in such a positive way, "hype.""

That can only show that the public aesthetic can be quantified"

Isn't that a good thing?

After GET has fitness skills

Dog abuse is just a pose

For example, lift up your girlfriend

Just man to burst.

Such a jealous, jealous lover

Finally, in the blessing of everyone in the sound of the marriage hall

Share a common interest

I believe they will know how to cherish each other

Fitness is for them

It's like a bond in emotional life"

They want their idea of happiness and health to be passed on to everyone who likes them

Want to help people get more fun in life"


How many days of exercise have you learned?

Hurry up and try it with the other half