How long is Guan Xiaotong's leg? Anyway, wings can almost go throughout the show!

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How long is Guan Xiaotong's leg? Anyway, wings can almost go throughout the show!

2017-09-16 18:27:52 236 ℃

In addition to a young age, has been a veteran actor, actor online, Guan Xiaotong's big legs, a good figure, everyone is obvious. Recently, the photographs of Guan Xiaotong are loaded on the wings, I almost thought throughout the show list to one of her!

Guan Xiaotong lurks the graffiti wall late at night,

Long legs with wings which is going to take the Victoria's secret?

Two days before long, Guan Xiaotong studio in the sun for a group of Guan Xiaotong in the 798 wall with giant wings photos. In the photo wearing a simple white T and ripped jeans Guan Xiaotong guards, long legs and behind the wings, giving a feeling across the big show's.

"The shining golden wall is Iqiyi customized" sword of the Han cloud "as the theme of wings wall, gave Guan Xiaotong a birthday gift! Tips: graffiti wall site in Beijing 798 red stone square, want to get, with the wings you may as well in place to punch!

"Yes, in September 17th, Guan Xiaotong will usher in his 20 birthday. Such a birthday present may be too exaggerated for a 20 year old girl, but it definitely matches Guan Xiaotong.

The child star debut Guan Xiaotong is worthy of the name "senior" old actor, she worked with the old play bone can breath out a long list.

"This year, also with the TV drama" the good gentleman "in 2017 won the twenty-third Shanghai TV Festival Award for best supporting actress.

Those few works near the body, some of them are shooting, some will be released, one of the most well known is the "sword of the Han cloud". Guan Xiaotong interpretation of naive Frank Yahia, goodness and pure, warm cure, in addition to the high value of Yan has been online, senior actor's skill in which to do.

The little girl "exclusive emotion, inexplicable adorable poke the point.

The playful wall eat melon masses, lovely burst table.

To love the people "never hide, how can look like a face of obsession that people are not moving.

The smile is invincible, heartfelt!

"In the play we see graffiti wall with wings!

Leg length is capricious, mystery style is not afraid!

If you want to use a word to describe Guan Xiaotong's dress, that's the word "caprice". Can not stand, long legs, ah, a variety of styles come at random, there is no fear!


Sports school will all long cardigan wearing denim shorts collocation, this ordinary dress Guan Xiaotong had dressed star flavor, is convinced the capital!

"Or you and I have some sports cardigan collocation pencil pants, dress collocation recognition is not high but have long legs enough ah!

The T-shirt and jeans wear together, no matter is missing in the shorts out into the body, or high waist pants to build long legs, a minimalist dress that I can see all the legs!

* or T-shirt and pencil pants + shoes minimalist collocation, looked at Guan Xiaotong's clothes of high repetition rate after I suddenly realized that the original shape is the most cost-effective!

In the early autumn, coats can be worn!


Long long denim jacket collocation legging cute.

The color plaid shirts and coats, with the full strength of lively girl vu!

Long short pilot jacket collocation denim shorts, stylish ~.

Those lovely knitting cardigan, quite a girl a mean.

Long have long legs, short dress collocation A word, whether it is casual style health dress, or sweet than the chiffon dress, are properly out of leg 2 meters long 8 fairies!

Mini is a long skirt with long legs Bug, be nothing difficult, even in flat shoes can not lose aura!

How long is Guan Xiaotong's leg?

The secret has been answered!

How long is Guan Xiaotong's leg? Not just all of us are curious. In the drama "Xuanyuan sword of the Han clouds" press conference, the same actor starring Zhang Yunlong once had a ruler measured.


The result is 107cm! Height 172, 107 long legs, Guan Xiaotong, you really can go to know answer "have a pair of legs guards is a kind of experience!

For such long legs, Guan Xiaotong take pictures to find angle, this kind of thing does not exist at all ~ everybody to feel

As long as those where a station, even without pose, no matter from which angle, there are large tracts of vu, obviously long legs.

The 20 year old Guan Xiaotong, a boyish girl. Toot mouth is very cute, do not sell Meng also natural sprout.

The 20 year old Guan Xiaotong is also gentle and charming, sometimes inadvertently reveals a charming woman.

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