Jiang Xin put on "Dad pants", showing more than 10 pounds thin

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Jiang Xin put on "Dad pants", showing more than 10 pounds thin

2017-09-17 09:35:08 334 ℃

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Fashion circle is also very naughty, the former paragraph is also popular "grandma shoes", recently, "Dad pants" and fire!

As the extra baggage sector of the goddess, not to wear will be a little strong. T shirt with a "Daddy pants" is suitable for her such thighs thick, thin girl. The dress of the empress is really getting better and better.

The same is wearing shorts, "Dad jeans" Jiang Xin didn't know what to wear hot pants than before she was thin and how much.

"Dad jeans" is actually the Bermuda Shorts (Bermudas), refers to the length of two or three cm to knee shorts, styles are generally more casual, the past is basically in the "very men wear, Dad style"!

But now it's different. The casual design of daddy's pants fits perfectly with the casual chic style of the fashion circle and has become one of the most popular single items this summer.

Five shorts knee around, is popular, in addition to sports leisure can wear out the now popular feeling, can wear out feminine mix.

Suit + Bermuda shorts is indeed the trend this year, but also for white-collar workers in the summer to wear more cool fashion look.

Even an ordinary white shirt, shirts and trousers into half beam, high heels to highlight the feminine, and appropriate intellectual office.

The basic color of the "pure pants" is the entry-level, if you want to start with a "Daddy pants", black and white style is definitely not wrong.

Denim products have always been classic, jeans, "Daddy pants" is no exception. Are Master Gigi take the logoT, things take a long plaid shirt, cover the meat and pull the wind.

Compared to the previous two models, the color "Daddy pants" has some bad control, but it can also taste fashionable in the hot summer if it matches the right coat.

See, "Dad pants" is about to fire up, really worried about rotten street. Don't be afraid, the pursuit of fashion and personality that you wear was not afraid and others zhuangshan.

Since it is "Daddy pants", the neutral wind is more free to build. With a revealing navel shirt, add a touch of sexy taste.

Bermuda Shorts come with casual temperament, the shirt can wear T-shirts, vests, shirts, feet casually wear slippers, sandals and sports shoes, minutes, soles of the feet wind.

Bermuda shorts can also be successful, hold stay in pajamas wind, a gray loose suit, with a pair of Muller shoes, fashionable without effort!

Tight Vest + jeans, Bermuda shorts, Kourtney Kardashi, dressed in fresh, casual and sexy, is really a recommendation with children out of the match.

A tight black sleeveless sleeveless shirt with jeans, Bermuda shorts and sneakers, casual and casual!