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Teach you fifteen strokes, strokes are high

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[y seven, vice president of the Chinese American Women Writers Association, former French overseas Chinese magazines "today" vice president, chief editor. MBA. Fashion, emotion, media people. ]

The background to 77 messages of many sisters, in addition to ask all kinds of wear and tear method, summed up, the most concerned about, the most fundamental question is how to show high, thin.

The wood has method, who calls our Asian sisters, naturally lack big long legs?.

77, today to collect and sort out the following fifteen strokes, are obvious skills, absolutely dry. Suggest sisters collection Oh ~!

Dark series

All know the dark thin, slender nature is tall, everyone knows the truth, needless to say!

Put your coat in

Not tall sister, or height enough, but still do not have enough legs of the sisters, and put the shirt into the pants or skirts inside, the proportion will be able to get better, ten minutes high.


Slim jeans are also a long weapon with long legs. At this time, no matter how high they are, they can hide in the pants. It looks like pants are full of legs, legs and legs

Single solid color

Up wearing the same color, can be blurred in proportion to the body, no dividing line, you are in a straight line!

LOW-CUT shoes

The so-called LOW-CUT, refers to the upper cut area, the more you bare foot skin, it is your legs longer. Nude shoes are the best drop!


Who says a little man can't wear long dresses? Otherwise, why do the red carpet ladies wear long dresses?. The little man is no exception Oh, a long dress, can make your height, up to eight meters in every field. Look at those little actresses

Super shorts (skirt)

Extra long and short are the secrets of height. If your legs are nice, ultra short is also a good choice. The shorter, the longer the legs. Of course, the show should be decent Oh ~!

Height only 155cm Miroslava Duma, this wearing a ride, will not feel her less than 160cm ah!


In addition to the jacket tied into the way, if we can cooperate with you to further lengthen the waist, leg proportion, do not underestimate this point oh, the upper half of the body is shortened, an elongated lower body, a small change, the effect is greatly.

V collar shirt

V T-shirts, especially V collar, which can show the face, also can make the upper body does not seem too long, let the body in the visual effect than the absolute proportion of tall, high collar shirt and T-shirt to sharp.

Pointed shoes

The effect of a pointed shoe is the length of the long leg, which is more visually stimulating than the round head.

Vertical stripe

The effect of vertical stripes is known to all, but vertical stripes do not wear tight, otherwise it will swell.


A big backpack can make the whole person look heavy. Can you imagine a schoolboy carrying a big satchel on his back? So, the short star, try to avoid big packages. A light and small satchel will definitely make you much more agile.


This method is the same as "putting your coat in the front". Do not say, jacket, can create a more slender figure. Earth people know drops ~!

Slim belt

If you do not want to wear a jacket, also do not want to put the waist tie coat, this belt can come in handy!

The belt is the perfect single item for adjusting the proportion of the body, and the belt is better than the wide belt in choosing the waistband. It doesn't attract too much attention, but it also shows the waist line well.

Hat, scarf

The height is not enough, for the hat! Upward elevation is also a good idea. A suitable hat also allows you to increase your height by inches

Scarf can also play a role in adjusting the proportion of the body Oh! Sometimes big V comes with the same effect. Make the whole body look more harmonious.

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[y seven, vice president of the Chinese American Women Writers Association, former French overseas Chinese magazines "today" vice president, chief editor. MBA. Fashion, emotion, media people. ]

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