Jolin cut his hair short, and how did he age?

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Jolin cut his hair short, and how did he age?

2017-09-18 18:38:16 335 ℃

This brush with micro-blog, saw a group of Jolin at the airport yesterday "dazzle belly" photos, slender waist, I didn't say it was lin! However, despite the "a stranger not close to" cool gas field, the more I see Lin Yue think honey cute is what happened?

This is more obvious, Minow cool handsome face, little sister you stay a little adorable!

The impression of the Jolin should be a kind of spirit of the dielectric, ultra tight tie hair, and purple lip collocation smokey eye makeup, the queen of the gas field on the stage.

Or magazines, blockbusters, all kinds of novelty modeling can live hold fashion icon~

No, she is a big eyes now, sweet smile next door sister down down down

And these are due to her new cut short hair, change the style of the past like the hair tight ultra tight, into a fluffy lazy micro roll WOB head ~!

Also cut in the sub - eight bangs, and hair tail of the valgus echo, appears to become a round chin, especially cute, age reduction effect naturally needless to say.

In fact, Jolin's WOB wasn't cut in a day. In the beginning, she cut the long hair into partial LOB, her hair with some natural radian. It was like the fire before

The advantage of the LOB head is that you can tie a low ponytail at will, with a light eight character fringe and a sense of modeling. The little sister here lol!

After the hair cut two knives, only to the length of the shoulder. This hair tail plus two coil, the hair layer is relatively dense, that is, the standard WOB head ~ smoke makeup, or our queen!

A suit, partial straight hair, and very OL feeling.

Okcat think the most reduced age, or small sister look, and with fluffy lazy short hair, really very old age!

Ask Jolin's stylist to throw away those tight hairstyles. Look, how sweet and lovely a little sister is!

Last sentence:

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