A polytechnic straight apart a beauty instrument, played Ni Ni, Li Xiaolu, Fan Bingbing, Bea Hayden's face?

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A polytechnic straight apart a beauty instrument, played Ni Ni, Li Xiaolu, Fan Bingbing, Bea Hayden's face?

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The story that goes between the beauty apparatus of science and battery No. 5...... Recently, a science and engineering male because of "Anatomy" on the wife's dresser all kinds of beauty instrument and popular.

Four digit high tech beauty apparatus, after disassembly, is the circuit board + plastic shell, with a mouse almost? It smells like an IQ tax

This guy is removed more vigorously, recently finally removed to the ancient beauty ring network red, Refa massage instrument: split out is the two ball + circuit board.

This removed, it does not matter, directly to the disassemble down brother, the majority of women on the opposite side.

Many girls hold the hands of the Refa counter: according to this logic, the boys pursued the coconut but also artificial leather shoes with cotton cloth, how can I have two thousand +

A girl with a strong sense of pride said: "skin care is metaphysics. We buy these things, not because they are stupid, not because they are superstitious, but because we are rich and can afford them."!

One time praise many people!

There are sharp eyed girls questioned the man removed is fake, the real Refa which is so rough? Throw a contrast chart.

I stepped on a mine is used.

This Refa as a beauty ring net primary red, there has been a lot of fans, including star!

Madonna loved you.

Ni Ni loved you.

Fan Bingbing loved you.

Bea Hayden loved you.

Li Xiaolu loved you.

Ivy Chen loved you.

Ruby Lin loved you.

Not only female artists, in the hit "spend less 3" program, Berlin Chan in the car to relieve fatigue, pulled out a refa, massage on the neck, and praised: "really super bar!"!

So, above all these star friend, all admit, pay intelligence quotient tax, four digit bought a vibration mouse?

Uh, stubborn disassemble brother, seems to be going to do. Although he was challenged to break the machine, he has replied: "I will go to the Hongkong shopping mall to buy another one and show it to you.".

This is also why?

I have no doubt that the absolute quality is still a circuit board + a few wires. Otherwise, is there any dark matter that can dominate the universe?

I didn't charge Refa for advertising, nor did I need to call it. In fact, my Refa is disgraceful on the dresser!

Although, according to the draft publicity said, it can use the micro current low intensity, to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, thereby achieving compact, anti wrinkle, edema and beauty effect......

But I already know from the start, the current so weak, I cannot lift heavy face meat. Buy it, however, for its two diamond ball grasping force, can assist massage.

Pull skin level face lift effect does not expect, to go overnight edema, makeup before assault, compact face, or OK?

Why is it idle? Well, I don't know I can be lazy. Even if I have tools, I can't stick to it. Press and press every day!

This is not the point, the focus is that, in fact, we girls, hearts understand, and then expensive beauty instrument, but also a small auxiliary props.

Those from the future as if the beauty of high-tech, in the final analysis, a shock (massage, cleaning); two by fever (expansion pores clean, stimulate collagen hyperplasia); three by refrigeration (shrink pores).

But why spend a lot of money on it? Give me an example.

Has been walking in the forefront of the skin care black technology Fan Ye, the most favored one kind of moisture replenishment artifact --- steamed face instrument;

Looking at Fan Xiaopang in a smoke curl up, the skin is so bright, you are also a little bit of heart?

This time, reading science boyfriend jumped out to tell you: the so-called steam machine, the principle role is to heat the water, and then through the spray atomizer. Directly to the hot water basin steamed face, the effect is the same!

Of course, no brother, may want to express is: you see, the principle of beauty instrument is actually very simple. You can buy some cheap substitutes.

But it also depends on where the money is saved by the parity substitutes. For example, in the eyes of Chaiji brother, red net cleansing instrument Foreo luna. In essence, a bias motor, a vibrating plastic case, and a shock mount silicone sleeve. Actually sold for more than 1000?

Check on a treasure, there are indeed many cheap alternatives, the price difference can be 10 times!

But Foreo Luna's selling point is that it is the body safe silicone, with a colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, anti bacteria and persistence of these characteristics, a lot of cheap alternatives, in order to save costs, will be reduced to the ordinary medical silica gel silica gel.

You ask, a piece of medical silica gel, worth more than 1000 yuan difference? This also wait for engineering men to analyze ah. But for girls, before the answer does not come out, in the premise of adequate budget, the face is only one, choose your expensive, buy peace of mind, it is difficult to understand?

Straight, or the professional spirit to disassemble the used in the demolition of millet, apple removed top! The water in the lap is too deep, which involves inspirational learning, dream studies, and gender relations...... They are not honest can be studied through the brain!

Of course, as a female group discussion, welcome to discuss with me what beauty equipment to buy is good, what is tasteless? For buying a pile of me, the most useful or?......

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