What beautiful ladies have become at last?

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What beautiful ladies have become at last?

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An old beauty

A lot of people have expressed the view that, compared with the new generation of female stars, I think the female stars in 80s and 90s are more beautiful!

Not to mention whether there is a heavy filter in the era, an interesting observation is that unlike some of the "changing" faces of today's flowers, many of the female stars of the 80s and 90s seemEat preservativesIn general, there have been no major changes in the past few decades!

One of the most convincing example is shortly before being crowned as "not old" title of Miss Hong KongWuwanhua:

3The media put her youth and recent pictures together, almost without feeling the ruthlessness of the years

Although, if you look carefully, you can still see the signs of the years, for example, the cheeks are slightly loose and drooping, and the cheeks have dry lines, but overallCondition and complexionAll kept well.

3When young, the skin feel more supple, shiny, more youthful.

Except for Wu Wanhua,Gigi LaiThe old name is also very loud:

Then when Gigi Lai young is not only beautiful, but are Michele Lee, Aman Chang such a gorgeous actress in the world, caught in the middle of a pile of stunning beauty, Gigi Lai may not be the most dazzling:

3WordsGigi Lai is the real deal awl face ah, but the overall look good with collagen, shiny, soft facial features are not significant.

And love the maintenance of Gigi Lai did not have less time to care, and now she is 40+, the state is still good, surprising:

3Face is not concave, not broken, and even no wrinkles, may be better than the current situation of young people as a whole

In fact, look carefully, Gigi Lai's two younger than her or fleshy cheeksSlightly droopingThe right, but instead from the awl into the oval, overall look more soft and full. alsoskinGlittering and translucent jade, also has the luster, must compare with the young man, also does not lose at all.

And the most desirable, perhaps Cherie Chung's state, she is not partial to young appearance, very young when there is a kindMature atmosphereFeeling:

3Some people only dignified, people only ignorant, but Cherie Chung is the two harmonic temperament the good people.

And when she is old, although the facial features have minor changes, the face is also more wrinkles, but the whole is still a kind ofGloriousFeeling - red aunt smiled, that familiar red aunt appeared again, smiling face will not be old.

3She is old, but it is hard for you to go to the old "because" she lamented a beauty in her old age is very beautiful.

Of course, that's not to say that all big girls aren't old.

Childhood memories of Carman Lee, when young, a pair of deep and smart eyes, unforgettable. In fact, she played aunt that will be, the face has been less meat, mature feeling more concentrated, but when collagen is full, in fact quite young girl fan:

3I like the one in the middle. I don't think it's good enough to see

But probably because of the pressure of life and so on, now Carman Lee, a lot of people will feel a little bit"Withered."It comes from her vanishing collagen, slightly dry skin and deep orbital sockets.

The same thing happened to Michele Lee:

When young, she mixed the three-dimensional facial features can make her proud, but as time goes on, the face is too thin collagen faded, her deep mixed features in some people it seems toThe United States is too domineeringAnd let people stop.

3How to say, for some old people, dry aging is more difficult to accept than good-looking

If Michele Lee is "the first beauty in Hongkong", Xiao Qiang, the former "Taiwan's first beauty", is even more sad.

Even if it is too thin, Michele Lee, or Michele Lee, but now Xiao Qiang has been very difficult to make people look at it is that the former noble elegant beauty.

You are the real choice of long depression, excessive or full?

Collagen and anti-aging

Why do some people grow old fast, while others last for decades?

For bones, we have written in detail (fear of getting old? Technology flow analysis of your face is more resistant (old bone articles)!) What I want to talk to you about today is...skinProblems.

As we said before, the old three are:Lines < sunken < drooping. That sounds, appearances are not so important? Because skin care, as if only for the shallow layer of grain.

However, in factFlesh and bone are mutually related--

If the skin is a layer of film outside, the flesh and blood is inside the content, of course, the content will affect the shape of the outer membrane, but if theThe outer membrane has support and elasticityWell, not only will the overall situation look better, but it will also be betterHold changes in the inner layer.

And what determines our outer membrane, the index of skin support, elasticity, and so on?

This name must be no stranger to us:Collagen protein.

Collagen accounts for about 40% of the human dermis70%They are in the dermisMutual entanglementFormReticularA three-dimensional structure that supports the skinthicknessLet the skinCompact, elastic and lustrous.

One thing that everyone may know is that, as you get older, collagen willGradual loss:

"With the increase of age, human collagen will decrease slowly

The loss of collagen can cause a range of skin problems: laxityPoreBecome larger and dry and appear dryFine linesEven wrinkles and cheeks beginSunkenEven to the extent thatSagging:

Will bring all kinds of skin appearance problems / collagen loss

Although collagen is so important for the appearance of our skin, many people don't really know what it means to supplement collagen or prevent collagen from losingUseful and uselessMethod -

Those useless methods

The problem seems simple: the problem is the lack of collagen, which adds collagen - and many people like to eat all kinds of animal skin, and buy expensive collagen supplements.

However, are these products really useful?

Unfortunately, although the answer is not entirely negative, it is almost the same as the negative: as far as the present research level is concerned,There is no evidence that oral collagen can significantly increase collagen in the skin.

Why? This starts with the principle of oral collagen:

When we take collagen, the collagen is not absorbed directly by the body, but through the digestive tractCommon amino acidsAbsorbed by the human body - and more food containing amino acids, it is not necessary to eat fish skin, eat pigskin, or a variety of really expensive collagen supplements.

More vivid:

The collagen is spiral, amino acids, peptides were only some parts of the

We have said before, the collagen network structure is spiral, somewhat similar to a house. But to be absorbed by the body, she will be taken apart and turned into a brick.

The problem now is that although bricks can be built in theory, they are only for thoseThe man who has the power to build a house is only short of materialThat's why. If you do not have the capacity to build a house, give you more brick, you can only idle.

And for the loss of collagen, only a part of the material is not really able to synthesize collagen (after all, people are now eating nutritious), and more is actually the caseThe skin itself is short of the capacity to make housesIn this case, eat more collagen, there is no way to eat in the skin.

Well, since internal and external barriers, then from the outside and inside it?

For example, meSkin collagenThen, let the skin absorb, then skin is collagen, this idea is not very stick?

The thinking of face immediately full of collagen, is really very happy

Sadly, however, this assumption is in fact untenable

Because the skin is actually a "barrier", molecules that are especially large, such as collagen, are not absorbed by the skin.

Of course, it can not be said that the outside of collagen must be useless, it can also stay on the skin surface, play a certainMoisturizing effect- but there are so many skin care products that can moisturize the skin, not necessarily collagen!

Effective method

If external and internal use of collagen are useless, how should we try to avoid the loss of collagen in the skin, so that the state of the skin as good as possible?

The first thing to notice is...Sunscreen:

The ultraviolet light for the skin effect

In the past few years, our understanding of sunscreen was mainly to prevent tanning, and to pay more attention to the SPF value of sunscreen (for the UVA that TANs us).

But in fact, the UVB in ultraviolet light is actually a more terrible killer, it will "bask" you. Specifically,UVB can destroy the structure of collagen in our skinSkinThinning, drying, loss of fullness and moisture.

As a result, even if you are not afraid of tanning, you need to do a good job of sunscreenEnough PA valueSunscreen products to prevent yourself from being "aged".

In addition to sunscreen, "Saccharifying resistance"It is also a skin care hot spot in recent years.".

Glycation refers to the formation of brown substance when mixed with glycine and glucose:

The more glucose added, under certain conditions will become more dark yellow

The saccharification reaction inside the human body is that if the body of sugar (glucose, fructose, galactose) and the accumulation of excessive, will combine with proteins, eventually generate a called AGEs (Advanced glycationend end products) protein.

And whenCollagen is glycosylatedOutward expression isDecreased elasticity, skin laxityAnd then formWrinkleWait for skin problems.

Not only that, but if the sugar intake is too much, there may be stimulated sebaceous gland secretion, resultingacneFormation, so from the anti-aging and prevention of acne point of view, sugar content is too high Dongdong, it is best not to eat too much!

"For me this is not Jane sweet can't write out the draft of the people, no sugar is really very painful

Of course, the medical service is very developed now, and there are many ways to tighten the skin and fill the depression. But it doesn't mean that we can usually pay no attention to it

Of course not. The best way of thinking must be...Keep your weight down from your daily attention:

Suppose, for example, that the skin is a pocket, and although the skin itself is somewhat elastic, it can hardly be completely retracted if it is too stretched. In this way, either relaxation or collapse, or excessive filling to prop up - both are not what we want, right?

Fat and thinJiang XinFor example:

"A few years ago on the face is quite full, do not sag, a few years ago is relatively thin

In recent years, Jiang Xin is more in a fat, skinny state, although the usual P diagram does not feel, but some high-definition scene map, or can be seenThe skin condition is markedly worseThe:

The loss of collagen, dry and fine lines, there are some sagging

Incidentally, if your skin condition has been similar to Jiang Xin makeup, makeup must not be too thick, and to choose a moist gloss finish products, so that the overall state is better. Daily skin care should also pay attention toMoisturizing and moisturizingAnd raiseThe sheen of the skin.

As a contrast, you see, we have written before "no old witch", basically not only the face, their figure, shape, the basic changes in recent years is not big, in a word,Stable.


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