What kind of jeans you wear depends on the shape of your hips

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What kind of jeans you wear depends on the shape of your hips

2017-09-28 18:48:35 343 ℃

Small series: each corresponding Oh, do not wear wrong ~!

Always say a lot of people all-match Jeans Classic, but still can not put it well. Why? Because I didn't get to know my ass. So I always think it's too hard to find a pair of jeans for the "ass"!!

That ass isn't long. Is it my fault? No, of course not. It's our fault! We recommend all kinds of jeans that are suitable for the waist

A hips

A - shaped hips have two main features, one is the buttocks and thigh joints, more fat, there is a sense of fall; two is thick thighs.

This buttock is a particularly troublesome one, and in Asia it is the most common form of a hip, parallel to the pear shape we often call it.

A shaped buttocks trousers, the focus is to improve the waistline, lengthen the leg line. Weila waisted jeans is a good choice.

Weila cuffs with broad hips can play a balancing role, and the thigh slightly tighter design, and can avoid the visual sense of expansion.

Pants type wide leg jeans such all-match also applies to A shaped buttocks, but note that the pants should not be too wide, otherwise it will be self defeating, appears especially bloated lower body.

Square hip

Square hip pelvis and thigh position is almost the same width, the waist was coarse, waist hip position curve is a bit like lack of sense of male physique.

For square hips, you need the details of the hips and legs to modify the jeans to strengthen the curve. For example, elastic jeans with a back pocket design.

Or skinny jeans with embroidered details on the thighs or hips.

However, if your whole body is thin, lack of a sense of the waist and hip curve, can try high waisted wide leg jeans or BF Fengpo jeans, a neutral wind is also very handsome.

Shorts style, it is recommended that the square buttocks sister wearing a rough design or bevel style jeans, and waist design in contrast to highlight the waist line.

V hips

V shaped buttocks is what we call the small PP, from the beginning to the pelvis on both sides of the hip adduction, looks like a letter V. The whole body is big and small, similar to the inverted triangle.

Dark jeans slim will only make the lower half of the body was small even further, so, the woman who belongs to the buttocks, or with a pencil jeans say bye ~ horizontal design of suspenders is your gospel ah!

One of the benefits of having a small ass is that you wear BF jeans with a special feel, which you don't know.

If you don't know what to wear, then the all-match Wide Leg Jeans play.

In addition to these long jeans, V shaped buttocks is also suitable for extended wear the trousers a short waisted jeans. Expanding the trouser legs and waist design, it has a A word skirt both visual sense, the figure is very significant oh

Round hip

Rounded hips are a rounded rump. This kind of buttock shape has enough compaction, enough to make it look good, otherwise, it will be hot when the balloon is deflated......

High waisted skinny jeans with hip effect is very good, can let the hips look more tight and sexy, is an excellent choice for round buttocks.

Tight fitting horn jeans in the hips and thighs are also a circular hip charm artifact. However, I have a circular hip, in order to avoid fat, suggest choose dark style jeans.

Inverted heart rump

The inverted heart-shaped hip refers to the rounded hips, but the lower part of the lower part of the buttocks.

Inverted heart-shaped hips are worn with the emphasis on carrying the hips and the jeans that fit the hips.

Inverted hips don't pass like round hips, nor are they as baggy as A - shaped hips, and jeans with a slightly tight pair can be sure to try.

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