Wu Xin cut a new short hair again, the shortest but the most beautiful

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Wu Xin cut a new short hair again, the shortest but the most beautiful

2017-10-04 09:20:25 370 ℃

Wu Xin's short hair actually on the hot search, causing a lot of melon users onlookers. Afterward, elder brother also gathered a lively spot to go in, discovered that, Wu Xin this hairstyle really beautiful explodes!

Short hair really rise temperament, look, Wu Xin this dress up, if a long hair, immediately reduce points.

Collar shirt collocation wide leg pants suit, handsome to burst ah, of course so handsome is because have beautiful hair blessing. And shoes, shoes, or even good looking, Wu Xin this time to wear so right, really give one hundred points ah!

Go down the stairs like Wu Xin on the stage is a handsome burst;

Standing quietly in situ, the media shot, this temperament, this look, this expression, every step is accurate, handsome suffocation, I feel this is Wu Xin's debut since the most suitable for her hairstyle ah!

Look at what Wu Xin used to be like, although Wu Xin was short hair, but it was not the same as the short hair, we see pictures are like this. For example, the 00 LuanLuanDe, at first glance is beautiful, but I feel a bit older.

And this, I see Wu Xinguan micro distribution of the text is to build Europe wind, results users are said to be non mainstream style.

A little bit of power to restore a retro bang, there is a sense of the sixty-seven age. All of a sudden, Europe and America all of a sudden in 60s, span so big, Wu Xin team is how much spell?!

See today so Wu Xin in the fashion show of the picture is very surprised, to know that this is the way not treated transillumination. Wu Xin finally find a pair of hair style, in fact, in the final analysis, Wu Xin's own character on the lack of energy, was built by this sharp short hair, so we all like it!

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