What are the same fitness and pops?

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What are the same fitness and pops?

2017-10-10 10:50:55 317 ℃

1, both sports

Fitness and lovemaking

It's a strenuous exercise

Can achieve a certain weight loss effect

For a minute, about 4.2K calories can be consumed

2, calls are ""

Fitness people have this experience

Especially the squat, bench press and weight training

The final call is ""

Lovemaking is needless to say, this is the standard pa

3. It's very easy to sweat

It's normal to sweat profusely

But lovemaking to live good physical strength but sweat

4, a lot of action gestures

Fitness action bench press, squat, deadlift etc.

There are men and women, standing back type, such as

The best position for your posture

5, can experience the climax

The climax of lovemaking is not to say, you know

The climax of exercise is the thrill of muscle congestion

It's just a pleasure

6, is the first bitter sweet

All tired at that time, just want to die

But after the event, waves and wants