Hair dye: do not know what is best suited to the color of your hair? Read today's hair coloring article, looking for inspiration!

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Hair dye: do not know what is best suited to the color of your hair? Read today's hair coloring article, looking for inspiration!

2017-10-10 10:59:27 152 ℃

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Hair color:Many sisters want to passHair colorTo let her own beauty points, but how to choose a suitable for their own color Hair Coloring also has extremely tangled emotions, today we recommend Hair Coloring hair color for winter, hope the fairies can find inspiration from oh!

Key words: long hair, short hair, curly hair, children......

The above two colors are partial powder tune, looks very warm hair color, very suitable for autumn and winter, pink, orange more publicity, pink, purple, compared to low-key.

Powder orange is more suitable for white girls, pink and purple more suitable for female students.

These two styles are more suitable for the concave shape photo shoot, like Cosplay girls can try, but not for daily. Suitable for people with special complexion, don't try them.

Cherry powder hair color, white, yellow, female students can try.

dark gray

The black is deep, dark place with black hair looks not what two things, but in the light of place, especially the black texture.

If you think black is too deep it can try the grayish black.

Do not pick the black color, but black is suitable for white light.

Amber Brown

Amber Brown is more common, the street can be seen everywhere, no features, but security show white.

Raspberry Brown

Raspberry red brown more than amber brown, so it is suitable for yellow girl, reddish hair color is white complexion.


The chocolate real is white. It's good to wear clothes in autumn and winter. Both long hair and short hair are suitable for dyeing chocolate.

Chocolate age, and looks good texture, color is very advanced, will not make people feel very dirt, and if your hair is very good, it will give a lot of hair color oh.

Aoki Amahai

A color is very special, also do not pick the color all-match hair color collocation, a light colored coat, coat color will appear particularly white.


In fact, a little thin rattan color powder, girl full sense of hair color, not too loud. Thin rattan actually is also a kind of looks very warm hair color.